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What’s going on with Crawl?

Aside from our two-week break to make a stupid free mech basketball game, we’ve been full-steam-ahead on Crawl.

This update, we’re focusing on some core stuff to do with Menus, HUD information, and simplifying our currencies to make for better communication. Definitely not as fun as making more monsters, but we’ve been putting it off for ages so it became very important to do another pass on it all finally.

I’ve been doing a lot of mockups- here are some of the more interesting ones:

imagebasic art/animation design for evolving monster

This is my basic design for what it will look/feel like when you’re actually evolving monsters- I wanted the hands to bring a little flavor, to imply that it is the god choosing and upgrading the monsters. You can see I haven’t animated the smoke effect, as that will be done with particles in game. I’ll hold off til I’ve got the real deal particle system to work with, but I’ve figured out the basic size and color/value stuff here. it’s probably a lot more saturated and purple than the final will end up, but all the ground work has been done, and that kind of minor stuff will be tweaked at the implementation stage.
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Here is a free game!


We did it! We make our silly basketball game in two weeks, and now we’ve packaged it up and it’s ready to play!



It’s local multiplayer, for 2-10 players, and it really is an explosively ordinary game of basketball, with absolutely nothing weird going on and DEFINITELY no giant robotic death machines!


Powerhoof game jam complete!

Regular Human Basketball has arrived

Working on one big project for years can be exhausting, so we thought we’d freshen ourselves up with a little game jam! We took two weeks off and made a completely stupid little multiplayer basketball game.


It’s called “Regular Human Basketball” and really the name says it all. You play basketball and are a regular human, definitely not a giant mechanical death machine! We’ll be releasing it for free later in the week.


Update v0.5: Flame Skeleton

Another update is live!

It has been a crazy time since last update!

We ran out of ice at GDC, my cat died, Dave became a father, I got permission from Gabe Newell to put him in the game, our friend got married, and Ol’ Shrimpeyes’ eyes have somehow gotten even shrimper!


Here’s another gif showing some of the new content.

We have another new environment- The crypt- some new spells for the hero- Raging bull and Spirit Bow- some new weapons- Battle Axe, Flame Bow and Ice Staves- a new monster for the Eye Bat chain, five special challenges for players who need to up the difficulty, and about a billion tweaks and fixes!

See the full change list here

Have fun guys :) and don’t feel to bad about my cat- he was 22 and lived a pretty great life- my sister made him a fake human dinner every night so he could think he’s stealing our dinner.


Asking Gabe for permission

Sending a silly email

After that GIF got some coverage, it occurred to me that my old imaginings that Crawl is so tiny nobody would ever notice or care what I put in there may be naive…


The Ars Technica coverage in which they say “We’ve reached out to Valve Software to ask about its thoughts on Crawl’s new boss” made me panic and think “oh crap, are they gonna be annoyed and make me take him out?” so the obvious right thing is to ask for permission.

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Crawl Regular Human Basketball


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