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Crawl Art Process Vid 1

Pixel Art Animation Process

Here is a quick video showing a little bit of my animation process. Working on a simple attack animation for a new axe weapon I’m prototyping at the moment.

Hopefully it’s interesting for pixel artists out there :)



What REALLY goes on at GDC?

You’ll hear a lot of noise about developer talks and IGF awards, but there’s another side to GDC, a gritty and sometimes shocking underbelly. Beneath the cheery surface we find a steamy, horrifying environment where developers battle daily simply to keep their milk from becoming warm, and potentially undrinkable!

That may not seem too bad on the surface, but when you take into account the box of Special K involved and just how arid that gets when you try to ingest a few handfuls dry, you might just get a glimpse of the terror we’ve been up against.


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Another Update is live!

Here we go again!

We’re off to GDC at the end of the week, so we’ve put out a small update to keep everybody going while we’re away!


We’ve got a new environment in there – The Mines – along with a bit more variety and lots of little tweaks to the existing dungeon environment. Dave has tracked down a lot of bugs and I’ve added a new Tier 4 monster to the skeleton evolution chain – The Bone Warden.



Random update

What now?

I’ve been intending to get updating the site much more regularly even when I don’t have a lot of new stuff to show, so this is just a little update explaining what I’m working on.

This week I’m doing pretty boring stuff- breaking up my environment concepts and setting them up as assets to work in-game. Working on room shapes and the prop/scenery generation values for the new environments, and trying to get a sense of how long it takes me to implement a whole new enviro.

We are planning on going to GDC at the end of the month and I would love to get an update out before that, so keeping track of how long this takes will let me know how possible that is.


Over the weekend, I doodled some characters from a random game idea I’ve been daydreaming about. Going a bit higher res makes combat/action more laborious to animate, but having more details in the faces and hands is much better for acting/personality stuff… would be fun to make a game in this style some time!


Another enviro

Castle Keep

This is the final one from the initial list I thought up:


So next I’ll put a little time into testing out some of the more “out there ideas” before I knuckle down and start fleshing these out and putting them in game…




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