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Asking Gabe for permission

Sending a silly email

After that GIF got some coverage, it occurred to me that my old imaginings that Crawl is so tiny nobody would ever notice or care what I put in there may be naive…


The Ars Technica coverage in which they say “We’ve reached out to Valve Software to ask about its thoughts on Crawl’s new boss” made me panic and think “oh crap, are they gonna be annoyed and make me take him out?” so the obvious right thing is to ask for permission.

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A challenger appears

I couldn’t resist!

I’ve been wanting to animate this for soooo long :)


I’ve got a few larger monsters too powerful to put in evolve trees, so I’d like to squeeze some into this next update as rare statues like the IRS guy. This has been at the top of my list since the very start :)


Crawl Art Process Vid 1

Pixel Art Animation Process

Here is a quick video showing a little bit of my animation process. Working on a simple attack animation for a new axe weapon I’m prototyping at the moment.

Hopefully it’s interesting for pixel artists out there :)



What REALLY goes on at GDC?

You’ll hear a lot of noise about developer talks and IGF awards, but there’s another side to GDC, a gritty and sometimes shocking underbelly. Beneath the cheery surface we find a steamy, horrifying environment where developers battle daily simply to keep their milk from becoming warm, and potentially undrinkable!

That may not seem too bad on the surface, but when you take into account the box of Special K involved and just how arid that gets when you try to ingest a few handfuls dry, you might just get a glimpse of the terror we’ve been up against.


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Another Update is live!

Here we go again!

We’re off to GDC at the end of the week, so we’ve put out a small update to keep everybody going while we’re away!


We’ve got a new environment in there – The Mines – along with a bit more variety and lots of little tweaks to the existing dungeon environment. Dave has tracked down a lot of bugs and I’ve added a new Tier 4 monster to the skeleton evolution chain – The Bone Warden.





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