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Another Update is live!

Here we go again!

We’re off to GDC at the end of the week, so we’ve put out a small update to keep everybody going while we’re away!


We’ve got a new environment in there – The Mines – along with a bit more variety and lots of little tweaks to the existing dungeon environment. Dave has tracked down a lot of bugs and I’ve added a new Tier 4 monster to the skeleton evolution chain – The Bone Warden.



Random update

What now?

I’ve been intending to get updating the site much more regularly even when I don’t have a lot of new stuff to show, so this is just a little update explaining what I’m working on.

This week I’m doing pretty boring stuff- breaking up my environment concepts and setting them up as assets to work in-game. Working on room shapes and the prop/scenery generation values for the new environments, and trying to get a sense of how long it takes me to implement a whole new enviro.

We are planning on going to GDC at the end of the month and I would love to get an update out before that, so keeping track of how long this takes will let me know how possible that is.


Over the weekend, I doodled some characters from a random game idea I’ve been daydreaming about. Going a bit higher res makes combat/action more laborious to animate, but having more details in the faces and hands is much better for acting/personality stuff… would be fun to make a game in this style some time!


Another enviro

Castle Keep

This is the final one from the initial list I thought up:


So next I’ll put a little time into testing out some of the more “out there ideas” before I knuckle down and start fleshing these out and putting them in game…


More enviro work sketching


Working on rooms and unique props for mines:


Next up- Castle Keep…


Working on Environments… and stuff

What next?

Well, mostly I’m working on environments for the next update- here is a little taste:


I’m just throwing around ideas at this stage, I don’t know what will make it in and what won’t, but currently I’m investigating: “caves” (shown above) “mines” “castle keep” and a much more experimental “haunted forest”.

I’ll try to keep you posted as I go!

Also, I’ve been toying with streaming/recording software, and I’ve started setting up the necessary equipment. I’m hoping that I can record/stream some animation process stuff as I’ll be doing the work anyway so it shouldn’t take up much extra time :)

My goal is to get familiar with the setup, and maybe start to record regular playthroughs as we test out new content and discuss the design/development process. This seems like both the least labor-intensive and the most informative way to keep everyone posted through development, so we (hopefully) don’t have big silences while I panic for a deadline, instead we just have panicky videos :)

Anyway, this is all just daydreams at the moment, I have no idea if it will fit in with my working process until I give it a try, but I am working on it!

*edit: here is the haunted forest concept too





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