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Post “Post GDC Post” Post

What a surprise, more pixel art!

I like drawing monsters getting their heads chopped off! I don’t know why… look, his whole head just comes flying right off!


This is my initial sketch for what an intro animatic cutscene thingy could look like- I’d have 3 or 4 of these still frames with some mildly animated elements and text, just to explain the basic gameplay objective for new players…


Post GDC Post

If this was about mail, that heading would be quite the pun!

So we went to GDC! Dave took a modern smart phone with a camera and photographed things! The carrier-pigeon-era camera attachment on my old Nokia proved less useful…


Instantly upon arriving we were hit with good fortune- a previous adventurer had missed a not insignificant loot drop, and being still without weapons I went in to collect the large bow. On closer inspection it proved to require a slightly higher strength rating than I had at that time, and upon realizing my inventory slots were taken up with socks and Xbox controllers, we decided to leave it there until we could level up sufficiently to wield the thing.

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We’re (probably) going to GDC!

Man Surprised by Own Impromptu Travel Arrangements


Everyone kept on saying “are you going to GDC?” “will we see you at GDC?” “I will fly-kick your legs, PS go to GDC” and I kept on saying “no” “nope” “maybe next year” “sorry we can’t go” “no, not my brittle legs!” etc. Then a crazy thing happened- a friend said “maybe you should like… go to GDC?” and I thought “wait a minute, maybe I should go to GDC?” and then I said to Dave “maybe we should go to GDC?” and then he had this amazing idea- MAYBE WE SHOULD GO TO GDC??

So now I think we’re going to GDC- what the crap is going on here? Does anybody have tips/advice? I’ve barely left my room for months and now I’m leaving the country? Who’s going to do my washing? Dave?



Ridiculous things…

After all the complaints and horror stories and articles about how hard you have to work and how patient you have to be, we bizarrely got through Greenlight in the first day!

It seems like the perfect storm of circumstances came together (I think mostly within Twitter) and splattered our trailer across the industry in record time!

Luckily Crawl seems to be just the right concept to be communicated in a short trailer, and I think what we came up with gives our “elevator pitch” pretty effectively. (Note that I fought my urge to end every sentence with an exclamation mark and just went with the classic full-stop there)… !


So ridiculous!

That green line is us- look at us go! We ended up with 94% yes votes, where we were expecting more like 50%- WOW!

We have been inundated with compliments and kind words from the community, and we are amazed with the positive response! Thanks so much everyone who voted and everyone who commented so kindly!

Comments by people enjoying the trailer built into articles built into more comments- it seems like Twitter just magnified itself and things hit some kind of flash point and exploded.

And then this:

In amongst the crazy positive talk and wonderful overt compliments and encouragement and enthusiasm, I see this:


Jake Rodkin and Jonathan Blow have a minor exchange loosely referring to my game, and it is the most surreal experience. So casual and low-intensity and simultaneously the most ridiculous brain-melting shift in the structure of the world imaginable…

Cropped out of shot is my mouse cursor hovering as I try to build up the courage to post a reply… anything… just “hi guys I think you’re cool!”…

Needless to say I chickened out!

I chickened all the way back to my own blog where I can giggle like a little schoolgirl and try to adjust to this massive shift in perspective- and things seem likely to get more ridiculous still- I’ll try to keep you posted!!

In hindsight I should have just said: wizaaaard!



Launch Day Has Arrived!

I’ve spent the last few weeks working on this new trailer, to go along with our launching on Steam Greenlight! Best to watch in HD or all our crisp pixels get all muddy and blurry…


Awesome voice work by “old shrimp-eyes”, perfect music by Alex Yoder, and substantially less confusion about how to capture footage without ruining it by compressing it 15 times to get it into different formats by me!

Look it’s like a real game

The Greenlight page is launched just like all the real games I see articles about yay! If you think Crawl looks cool or you just feel sorry for us for having to spend so long cooped-up recording with “old shrimp-eyes”, then please vote for us! Help us get on the store so we don’t have to go back to making crappy iPhone games!




trailer time is so so close!


I’ve been working very hard on our trailer and other support stuff for our Greenlight launch. The trailer is now uploaded to YouTube, just got a few loose ends to tie up and we’ll be launching onto Greenlight tomorrow!


Here is a random shot from the trailer- I call it “man scared of fish”…

Oh yeah, also we’re in the process of revamping the website! Some changes have come in, with more to come soon along with a revamp on the Crawl page… soon!



Questions over the pronunciation of “gif” make it hard to work a gif-related pun into this heading.

Anyway I’ve got some more gifs and some more ramblings about what we’re up to.

Click through to check it out…

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Stop the presses or some kind of internet equivalent!

I am posting things upon the blog!

Just the latest gifs I already twittered, so don’t go completely ham or anything… maybe go like 20% ham:


a little footage form the trailer I’m working on…

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Eye Beast Gameplay

Check it out!

Barney’s captured some gifs of our eye beast, one of the tougher monsters you can play as!

Eye Beast Battle
Click through to see him in action…

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so long since I posted anything!

It seems like ages

This is one of our newer guys doing his little teleport.


Capturing gifs is a good way to procrastinate when you have important stuff to do!



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