Powerhoof! The Telwynium – Book Two...

The Summer King

I’ve wrapped up the next instalment of The Telwynium! Just in time for Christmas!

Looking back on the year, we’ve still mostly been working on The Drifter and Acid Knife. Both are slowly but steadily coming together (still). The Drifter’s been play-tested through from start to finish by testers now, so that was a big milestone! Lots of art and sound to do but it’s happening! And Barney actually let me play Acid Knife last week for the first time since the early combat demo, it’s got an amazing level of depth and detail to all the mechanics, and a huge amount of interesting ideas, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of it so far!

Have a great new year!

– Dave

  1. Hofbrau

    Downloaded and played Book 1, enjoyed the SC0-like gameplay and lore, but when I downloaded and attempted to play Book 2, ran into a rather significant issue: Book 1 is 32-bit, and Book 2 is 64-bit (I use 32-bit Windows)

    Any way you could provide a 32-bit package in addition to the 64-bit package for Book 2?

  2. I love crawl! Thank you