Powerhoof! Regular Human Basketball

Just Regular Human B-Ball, no giant mechanical death machines here!

Inspired by the simple controls of QWOP and the relaxing co-operative gameplay of Spaceteam comes the new party game from Powerhoof, whipped up in a few weeks while we took a break from working on Crawl!


  • Local multiplayer for up to 10 peeps.
  • Lifelike physics simulates over 4 human emotions.
  • You and your teammates share control of the various parts of your human- including thrusters, magnet arm and all-terrain wheels.
  • Realistic basketball commentary from real human commentators.
  • Check out the soundtrack on Bandcamp!
  • Free and out now on itch.io!

Special Thanks

Special thanks goes to Ben Weatherall (@sunraheadgear) for the soundtrack and background art, and Louis Meyer (@louisdmeyer) who put together the hilarious commentary system.
Download Now!

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