"No giant mechanical death machines here!"

Ready to play some ball?

Grab a team, suit up, and climb inside your human! Prep its thrusters, lower its all-terrain wheels, and spin up that flailing magnet-arm. It’s time for Regular Human Basketball!

It’s is the multiplayer party-starter that has your team wrestling to control your giant mechanical death machine. Yelling orders, flipping switches, and shootin’ hoops in a post-apocalyptic basketball showdown.

Coming soon to Steam

The original incarnation was made in a few weeks and released for free back in 2015, the updated version for Steam will be out 2018 and features online multiplayer, multiple arenas, updated art, new soundtrack and more!


  • Online + Splitscreen Multiplayer for 2 or more humans.
  • Lifelike physics simulates over 4 human emotions.
  • You and your teammates share control of the various parts of your human- including thrusters, magnet arm and all-terrain wheels.
  • Realistic basketball commentary from real human commentators.
  • Coming to Steam 2018 for Windows Mac and Linux!

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Original Game Jam Edition


But why wait?

Of course the original version, made in a few weeks back in 2015, is still Free to Download!


Special thanks for the original goes to Ben Weatherall (@sunraheadgear) for the soundtrack and background art, and Louis Meyer (@louisdmeyer) who put together the hilarious commentary system.

Recent Updates

RHB Coming to Steam in 2018

All-Improved Regular Humaning

Woah, it’s been way too long since we posted what we’ve been working on… As we come out of the long Aussie winter we’ll start posting more regularly though. We’ll have another announcement in a few weeks too, but for now…
We’ve been working on updating Regular Human Basketball for the new millennium, and bringing it to Steam! It’s still a ways off, but look out for it in 2018!

Here’s some of the new stuff we’re adding:
  • Online multiplayer
  • Multiple arenas
  • All that steam pizzazz, like achievements, and the ability to leave nasty reviews
  • Loads of little gameplay tweaks, new art and all new soundtrack
  • Less free! (although only slightly)
We’re taking it to Pax Aus this weekend, and a few weeks later Barney’s bringing it to San Fransisco for Day of the Devs, we’ll have a stack of controllers for some 4 on 4 ballin’ so come along if you can!


Here is a free game!


We did it! We make our silly basketball game in two weeks, and now we’ve packaged it up and it’s ready to play!


It’s local multiplayer, for 2-10 players, and it really is an explosively ordinary game of basketball, with absolutely nothing weird going on and DEFINITELY no giant robotic death machines!


Powerhoof game jam complete!

Regular Human Basketball has arrived

Working on one big project for years can be exhausting, so we thought we’d freshen ourselves up with a little game jam! We took two weeks off and made a completely stupid little multiplayer basketball game.
It’s called “Regular Human Basketball” and really the name says it all. You play basketball and are a regular human, definitely not a giant mechanical death machine! We’ll be releasing it for free later in the week.


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