Powerhoof! Regular Human Release Date...

RHB on Steam, 1st August 2018!

It’s so close I can taste it on my organic human lips.

Tastes a bit like raw spaghetti, or the taste we all feel when opening a window on a hot summer night. Puts me in the mood for wishlisting!

-Dave Unit No.4562b

  1. Xystem4

    So damn hyped for this. Anyone have any tips for connecting lots of controllers locally? I know it can be done with a ton (I’ve seen it done at Pax east), but I don’t know how to do it well, or at all really. Just like a usb splitter? I feel like that would make controller inputs horrendous though, right?

    • Sweet! Yeah I just use a cheap usb hub and it works fine.

    • For my setup, I have a usb dongle that connects to four xbox 360 controllers wirelessly, and a usb hub that connects to 4 wired (non xbox) contollers. Haven’t had any issues with inputs, BUT I did have issues trying to do the wireless xbox 360 controllers along with wired xbox one controllers, think it had something to do with xinput vs directinput but I’m no expert.

      • Wireless always give me a headache no matter what the game. Can usually get them to work but always requires fiddling and I inevitably just give up and plug them in 😛

  2. Hm. I’m only seeing the OST on the Steam page. Has something gone wrong?