Powerhoof! The Telwynium...

A cosy 90s Fantasy Adventure

I got all nostalgic for Adventure Jam this year. With an EGA game inspired by the games and fantasy novels I grew up on.

It seemed to strike a chord with a bunch of other devs, because it was voted #1 in the Jam!

– Dave

  1. TommyTron

    I had been on a quest to quench my thirst for more point and click adventure games of yesteryear, and stumbled upon this short masterpiece. This game was and absolute gem to find, so cleverly written with every interaction the player could have. So much creativity in such a short span, I absolutely loved this! I sincerely hope there will be a part two developed for this game, you must continue the story, I have to know how it ends in its classically inspired manner. I will happily throw money in your face for another installment.

    Thanks bai

    • Thanks! Book Two should be ready in a month or so! It’s mostly done, I’m just spending odd days on it here and there to finish it up.

  2. Joseph Frangipani

    Any updates on Book Two? Thanks!

    • Nothing yet, I plan to get it out by the end of the year though. Just too busy with lots of other things!

  3. I swear this reminds me a lot about a game I would watch a friend of mine play, where at the end you would face off against a dragon, but even with the best shield / armour it would instantly kill you with fire. Not sure if that narrows it down much…

    Regardless, this is a really cool series of games, great work!