Powerhoof! Blog update!...

Comments are back!

After years of neglect I (Dave that is) have finally fixed wordpress so that comments show up on pages again! WordPress keeps updating automatically on me and breaking things, and I’ve been pretty lazy with fixing it. This site was really hacked together back in 2013 and it’s showing the signs! We haven’t exactly been writing much on this blog for the last few years either, poor thing’s been lonely.

Tshirts are back!

We have a new Tshirt Store! Thanks to my wife Clare for getting that sorted for us! Go grab some powerhoof shirts!

Infrequent updates are back!

So what else’s been happening? Well, we’re still going strong, just haven’t posting much here. We’ve been mainly hanging out on Discord (https://discord.gg/powerhoof) and sharing things there. Barney shares a lot of nice Acid Knife gifs on the twitter too.

So check out either of those places if you need more powerhoof in your life!

Read on for an update on The Drifter…

I’ve been working on my adventure game The Drifter, and I now have the whole thing in a very placeholder state, playable(ish) from start to finish. This had been my goal since like forever it seems- Getting the game to a point where I know roughly all the things that happen, all the puzzles and characters and what-not, so then I’m in a position to go back and refine things, with a bigger-picture view of the game as a whole.

Now I’m at this stage I can also start getting art and polish in. There hasn’t been much to show since the demo, since it’s all been placeholder, but there should be more and more to share over the next year, like the new characters Barney pixelled last week (above).

I’ve also been steadily updating my Adventure Game tool PowerQuest. I should probably post that on here too! There’s a nice little group on the discord making games for it now too, which is great to see!

– Dave

  1. Crawl is a fantastic game I just started playing. You guy(s) are amazing developers, its a wonderful game. Thank you

  2. D. S. Carmon

    Thanks for the update! Can’t wait for The Drifter