Powerhoof! The Drifter Reveal...

Announcing our upcoming Pulp Adventure Thriller!

Check out the steam page here for info, and follow/wishlist while you’re at it!

There’s also a press-kit with basically the same info in a much more boring layout- http://press.thedriftergame.com

I haven’t been sharing much about the Drifter until now. But I’ve been working on it, on and off, since we made Peridium back in 2017. I’m hoping to begin sharing more now that it’s out in the open and actually feels more like a real project!

We recently demoed it for the first time at PAX Aus, which worked as a great internal milestone to get a bunch of art, voices and music into the first chapter. At PAX I demoed it on Switch, where I’ve been testing a pretty experimental control scheme. I’ll have to write a blog post about that later, but I was very happy with how it was received. It’s great to feel like it’ll be at home on console, when traditionally the point ‘n click genre is so PC focused.

As for a release date- it’s a looong way off, ask me again in a year. I’m heading to AdventureX in London in a week, and I’ll show the demo there to anyone that wants to check it out, for the rest of you, you’ll have to make do with wishlisting for now!


  1. miracleflame

    Are you going to release it on GOG? I don’t support Steam at all and I want this badly.

    • Can’t say for sure, but it’s pretty likely we’ll have a DRM-free version on itch.io, humble and maybe GoG

  2. When will the soundtrack used in the demo be posted? I found the soundtrack so enjoyable, if I played the game I’d probably just sit there and listen to it.

    • That’s so good to hear! I doubt we’ll release it until the game’s done, cause there’ll be more tracks being added up until then. So you’ll have to wait a while I’m afraid!

  3. Xystem4

    Hype! This looks amazing, it’s great to see more of your crazy good art style!

  4. ya boy p-rick

    Is there a sense of when this might be released? I’m itching to play it.

  5. Crash - Argentina

    Did you think about crowfunding, and why not perhaps a limited stock in bigbox?

  6. Patrick

    Dude. Acid knife. For gods sake man! When? Love your games BTW. 🙂

  7. JimmyBaguette

    Found this game back in 2019. It’s looks so good, I’m gonna cry. ;(