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A nifty 2d adventure toolkit for Unity I posted here aaaages ago about PowerQuest in it’s early stages, but haven’t really mentioned it since. However, I’ve been working on it steadily, alongside The Drifter, and it’s pretty fully featured now. … Continue Reading

Blog update!

Comments are back! After years of neglect I (Dave that is) have finally fixed wordpress so that comments show up on pages again! WordPress keeps updating automatically on me and breaking things, and I’ve been pretty lazy with fixing it. … Continue Reading

The Telwynium

A cosy 90s Fantasy Adventure The Telwynium by Powerhoof I got all nostalgic for Adventure Jam this year. With an EGA game inspired by the games and fantasy novels I grew up on. It seemed to strike a chord with … Continue Reading

Intergalactic Wizard Force

It’s Twins (1988), but with wizards… in space I teamed up with Jacob Janerka (or Paradigm Adventure fame) to make another point ‘n click over the last couple of weeks for AdvXJam! Intergalactic Wizard Force by Powerhoof Travel between planets, … Continue Reading

Free Game Double Feature

You’re Watching ICEBOX!   It’s been a while since we released a free game, so here’s two! The first is a comedy adventure, along the same line as last years The Inanimate Mr Coatrack (and with a returning character!). Try … Continue Reading

The Drifter Reveal

Announcing our upcoming Pulp Adventure Thriller! Check out the steam page here for info, and follow/wishlist while you’re at it! There’s also a press-kit with basically the same info in a much more boring layout- http://press.thedriftergame.com

Powerhoof T-Shirts out now!

Conceal your upper torso in style We now have t-shirts! Barney’s created a bunch of awesome t-shirt art and we have two very cool designs by guest artists @sixfootewok and @Qt0ri available now thanks to our good friends at Samurai … Continue Reading

The Inanimate Mr. Coatrack

More adventure than you can shake a willy at   We made another adventure game in two weeks for Adventure Jam! The Inanimate Mr. Coatrack’s full of sweary undead shenanigans, jokes about willies, and a hefty amount of dismembered limbs! … Continue Reading

Death Alley

Another jam game for Ludum Dare 44   Here’s another SeaDads game that I helped on and that should entertain you for a few minutes over your lunch break! The theme for LD44 was “Your life is currency” and so … Continue Reading

Unity Tool – PowerSpriteImport

Free tool importing sprites/anims into Unity ┬áHere’s another tool I made. This one is what we use for getting sprite animations into the project. If you use Unity, and Photoshop or Aseprite for anims then you might find it useful! … Continue Reading