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  1. Qlippoth Man

    Yo, is there any intention of releasing more content updates or some DLC for purchase? I love this game a lot, but there’s not enough content to sate my hunger for its gameplay.

    I’d especially love to see the ability to make custom rules for matches (more levels min required to face boss, adjust item spawns, etc).

  2. Cole m Corbin

    I have to say I agree with this dude up here I have had a blast playing the game but there should be more bosses and gear I mean I would pay for it if needed.

  3. Cole m Corbin

    Anything for 2020?

  4. Mike J

    Also very hyped for potential extra Crawl content. Therr is a big need for more bosses, it would make the replayability level go up immensely.

    After I found out there were only two bosses, I was a bit dissapointed to be honest.

    Really love the game though! Would pay for DLC!

  5. Andrew

    Yes, this game is so good but it really does need some more content. If you were to release some new content to help change up the game even more it would have the potential for making the game timeless

  6. Just discovered this game this year while looking for fun couch co-ops over lockdown.
    Amazing game! absolutely love it!
    Thoroughly agree with the many other comments though. Please release an update or two with more bosses and extras, Maybe some harder bosses that are only accessible after dungeon level 25 or something?