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The Inanimate Mr. Coatrack

More adventure than you can shake a willy at   We made another adventure game in two weeks for Adventure Jam! The Inanimate Mr. Coatrack’s full of sweary undead shenanigans, jokes about willies, and a hefty amount of dismembered limbs! … Continue Reading

Death Alley

Another jam game for Ludum Dare 44   Here’s another SeaDads game that I helped on and that should entertain you for a few minutes over your lunch break! The theme for LD44 was “Your life is currency” and so … Continue Reading

Unity Tool – PowerSpriteImport

Free tool importing sprites/anims into Unity ┬áHere’s another tool I made. This one is what we use for getting sprite animations into the project. If you use Unity, and Photoshop or Aseprite for anims then you might find it useful! … Continue Reading

Kaiju Super Datetech

31ST CENTURY DATING   Well when it rains it pours, and we’ve got another game for y’all! This one we started earlier in the year for a jam we did with Samurai Punk, and then got the opportunity to work … Continue Reading

Catching up on the year’s jams!

When will the madness stop?   I’m back for my traditional December post with the games we made with the SeaDads and neglected to share here! The most recent first- Overcooked meets M*A*S*H in our entry for Ludum Dare 43. … Continue Reading

Regular Human Release Date

RHB on Steam, 1st August 2018! It’s so close I can taste it on my organic human lips. Tastes a bit like raw spaghetti, or the taste we all feel when opening a window on a hot summer night. Puts … Continue Reading

Playing Crawl Online with Parsec

Online Crawlin’ We’ve recently been trying out a service called Parsec which allows you to stream a game and have friends play along remotely, and we’re happy to be able to give it the Official Powerhoof™ Severed Thumbs Up of … Continue Reading


A pulp adventure thriller After his plane crashes on a remote stretch of Papuan coast, civil engineer Ian Forrester is left stranded, hungry, and alone. He must survive the untamed wilderness, wait for rescue… and pray his dark secret doesn’t … Continue Reading

Moar Jam Games

A Hotdog, an Orphan and a Priest walk into a bar…   Get yer mitts on some more games we’ve game-jammed (and neglected to post here already). A fanny-pack appreciation based shooter made by Dave and his fellow SeaDads for … Continue Reading

Unity Tool – Selection Log

Free tool for easily navigating between previously selected objects   Making Crawl in Unity involved a lot of going back and forth between different objects in our project. When say addding an enemy’s attack, you’d want to be going between … Continue Reading