Powerhoof! Unity Tool – Selection Log...

Free tool for easily navigating between previously selected objects

Making Crawl in Unity involved a lot of going back and forth between different objects in our project. When say addding an enemy’s attack, you’d want to be going between editing the enemy, it’s attack animation, and the damage effect it spawns. Since the project has so much stuff in it, I made a little tool to help with going back to previous selections. There’s some more fully featured things on the asset store but I just wanted something super simple and lightweight.

Anyway, it’s just a single file, feel free to use/modify it however you like. I’d love to hear if it’s useful for you too!

Grab the code here: https://pastebin.com/V9kkemiu


Save it as /Editor/SelectionLog.cs in your unity project, then hit Window->Selection Log in the toolbar to open it.

Then every time you select an object, it goes to the top of the list. You can lock items to the top, and click the magnifying glass to highlight the object in the project without selecting it (useful if you want to drag it onto whatever’s in the inspector).


  1. Komizart


  2. Trent Sterling

    This is a really nice tool! I notice you’ve got a few nice tools for Unity around here!

  3. Awesome!

  4. David Hague

    Found this page via #UnityTips – this little script has made my life so much easier! Thank you!!!

  5. ingenious man! What a QoL improvement