Powerhoof! Catching up on the year’s jams!...

When will the madness stop?

I’m back for my traditional December post with the games we made with the SeaDads and neglected to share here!

The most recent first- Overcooked meets M*A*S*H in our entry for Ludum Dare 43. Dave did code/sound/design on this and Barney jumped on board for animations and effects.

The only Powerhoof link here is that I did sounds, but it’s got pirate babies, so I HAVE to put it here. Also, it scored first place for Ludum Dare 42!

Lastly, one I did for Global Game Jam back in January, fight off a briney menace using morse code (and maybe learn some along the way). I even made a custom controller for this one that I’m pretty proud of!


  1. Shady_Guy

    Ha-ha! Pretty cool one controller, it reminds me of Vacuum tube clock I’ve bought last week. Just love vintage and steampunk stuff like this.

  2. Casper Cito

    Who does the voicework for your trailers? I’m a voice actor with a VERY similar voice and I’d be interested to know where he’s gone for training. I love his voice and he does awesome work!

    • Hi Casper, He’s a friend of ours Adrian Vaughan (adievaughan.com). No professional training, his day job is actually as a 3d artist, we met when we worked together at a game studio about 15 years ago!