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CRAWL Halloween Update!!!

Update v0.11 (Vengeful Spectre) is here We have an extra spooooky update out for Halloween yay! We always envisioned the ghosts flying all over the place and haunting things but never had a chance to implement it til now, and … Continue Reading

One More Fetid Deity

Teok This guy is even more normal… a little TOO normal if you ask me. Teok is hungry. -Barney

Glub Glub Glub

Um… Glub? Another normal guy… very very normal… Hail Glub. -Barney

More God Images

Had some requests for the Qaahl image Here he is, in all his completely-normal-dude glory! Nothing weird going on here, just a regular dude chilling out on his monolithic stone throne… -Barney

A Throne For The Rat King

Things remain extremely ratty around here! We need to do steam trading cards for the release, so I’m doing higher detail images of gods on their thrones for the artwork! For me the priority really is more bosses, but there … Continue Reading

Update 0.10 Is Out And It’s Ratty

Unleash the Vermin! We have a new update out, chock to the gills with new rodents! We’ve revamped the store teleporters, to give new heroes a better chance to go to the store for upgrades, and we have a bunch … Continue Reading

More art style explorations

Now he has a monster to fight… Continuing to figure out this dark low-palette style. -Barney

A little art style test

Just some pixel doodling Just a little test for an art style I’ve been daydreaming about… I have an idea for a little combat-arena game where you can sort of do some “farming” type stuff between fights to alter what … Continue Reading

Powerhoof Streaming

I’ve finally started some CRAWL Dev streams! I’ve got a new computer that can handle my streaming needs, so I’ve been streaming work animating new monsters for Crawl. >>Check out our channel HERE

“KEVIN THE DESTROYER” update is out!

Finally got this one out woooooo! v0.9 Well, the hero intros that I thought would take a few weeks ended up taking months, but we’ve finally got them in there, along with a whole bunch of new monsters 🙂 You … Continue Reading