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Acid Knife Reveal

Psychedelic Hellscapes Anyone? Welp, I’ve been working like crazy to whip my little hobby project into playable shape for PAX Aus, which means I have a short demo and a video of said demo 🙂 WOO! Just the standard stuff … Continue Reading

Regular Human Basketball is OUT NOW

Things have just become EXTREMELY regular I know the NBA seems pretty regular in terms of their portrayal of basketball, but do you ever think “hmm, just not regular enough!” and storm off in disgust? Of course you do! Don’t … Continue Reading

Crawl is Out Now on Switch YAY

A portable version just in time for Christmas! Now we’re on Switch we’ve gone 100% family friendly. No more ancient terrors and harrowing tentacled beasts, just wholesome fun, good cheer, and a jolly old time playing video games with your … Continue Reading

Switch Release Date Is Out

Crawl is launching on Switch, December 19th!   We have our Switch version of Crawl all polished up and ready to go, launching just in time for Christmas woo! What a pleasant surprise to have Nintendo put out this perfect … Continue Reading

Pixel Art Rant

Why are we seeing so much pixel art these days? I was recently asked for my opinions on why we’re seeing such an influx of pixel art in modern games. Where I had intended to write a quick paragraph, it … Continue Reading


The full version is loose in the wild! We have a new boss, a bunch of new monsters, new items, new props, achievements, trading cards, OST, a million little fixes, and a brand new trailer starring Ye Old Shrimpeyes and … Continue Reading

Crawl on consoles?

The move to consoles brings up beef! Looking back at our ups and downs trying to get Crawl done, there is one silly email I sent that always makes me think “holy crap, how is this my job?!” haha. Crawl … Continue Reading

Narrator Voice Behind-the-Scenes

Time for more Shrimpy! Getting close to launch time means making another trailer, which means another incredibly professional recording session with Ye Old Shrimpeyes! Hopefully it doesn’t shatter the illusion haha 🙂 -Barney

Crawl Launch Announcement

Finally ready for launch, AND COMING TO CONSOLES 🙂 After all this time we’re finally ready to call this thing 1.0! We have a new boss all ready to go, a bunch of new stuff including achievements, Steam trading cards … Continue Reading


Update v0.12: Eye Bat is ready in time for Christmas! Welp, we’ve got a bunch more Crawl stuff out for the holidays! Apart from expanding the eye bat evolve tree, the main focus this update has been monster balance. A … Continue Reading