Powerhoof! Crawl on consoles?...

The move to consoles brings up beef!

Looking back at our ups and downs trying to get Crawl done, there is one silly email I sent that always makes me think “holy crap, how is this my job?!” haha.

Crawl is out TOMORROW????!?!?!?!?


  1. Xystem4

    And here I was, trying to go out and fight Gabe Newell without realizing that he’s gone into super saiyan! Thank goodness Crawl was here to teach me what’s what, I most surely would have met my demise otherwise.


  2. Haunted Adventurer (aka Strykai)

    Yay… One more hour!!! Unfortunately, I have to sleep, then go to work in the morning… 🙁

    But hey, the rest of you have fun and congrats Barney & Dave for the awesome 2.5 years or so ride; it was and will be tons of fun!!!

  3. Samuel JK

    OH BABY YES! ITS OUT. ME AND MY BOYS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS GLORIOUS DAY!! >:D Much love to all the devs of Crawl for filling our evenings with some killer delight!

  4. TheMaverickk

    This is really exciting, I plan to buy this today, I’ve been waiting for a final release for a while.

    On the flip side if you guys bring it to the Switch, I’d buy it a second time. Cause I feel like this game would actually work as a couch multiplayer game and seriously that system is just built with that in mind. Also seeing all the Indie love with Binding of Isaac and Cave Story makes me want Crawl to make the jump as well.

  5. Thank for GOG release !!!!
    1) will we have OST?
    2) will you add achievements?

  6. Lloyd Worth

    This game looks so cool.

    Is there a difference between the Steam version and the PS4 one?