Powerhoof! A Throne For The Rat King...

Things remain extremely ratty around here!

We need to do steam trading cards for the release, so I’m doing higher detail images of gods on their thrones for the artwork!


For me the priority really is more bosses, but there are 1000 other things like trading cards and achievements that we need for launch, so I’m trying to get them all done ASAP, to try and buy enough time to have a go at more bosses- fingers crossed!!!


  1. Hell to the yeah! You two are doing amazing work and you sound like you’re on a roll!

  2. That guy looks like he’s ready to educate some turtles. 🙂

  3. Addertongue (Jamais Namme or Xoac103)

    I’m excited to see Qaahl, partially because

    • Addertongue (Jamais Namme or Xoac103)

      (accidentally posted previously) the bow is my jam, he’s my favorite deity in terms of looks, theme, and mechanics. Hope to see him… inhumanoid, or only partially, to keep the Lovecraftian theme w/ him going.

    • Okay, so I couldn’t resist and posted the Qaahl image 🙂 hope he’s everything you were imagining form the portrait!