Powerhoof! Working working working...

Just a little update on what we’re working on

It has been a while since I’ve posted- we’ve been hard at work getting the new menu implemented, which has ended up a bigger task than anticipated. It’s now at the stage where Dave is hard at work getting things functional in-game, and I’m able to move on to more fun stuff- by which I mean making more monsters 🙂

I’ve made another tier 4 guy which I’ll keep as a surprise for now, but also I’ve finally got around to making an upgraded slug! I’ve always liked the slug so much, I wanted to make a stronger version to use in the late-game, so here it is:


Hopefully this menu stops taking forever and we can get on with the rest of the update and get it out to you all soon!


  1. Matthew

    That slug is RAD.

  2. That slug is gonna be so much fun to play around with. 😛

    I’m hoping you guys come out with more end-game Boss Monsters, soon. I’ve been dying to see what else those brilliant minds of yours can bring out, from the depths. >:)

    • yeah I’d loooove to have a whole lot more bosses- we’re a bit nervous about them because the last one took so long to make, so I’m not quite sure how many we can do without taking forever- we’ll definitely have at least one more- personally I’d like to aim for about 5 but that might not be achievable I’m not sure… that’s definitely something I’ll be keen to keep adding even after full launch if we can afford to 🙂

      • Hudxesonael

        I am willing to pay for expansions so please have that in mind. I am sure most of the players would gladly pay for more quality content of your wonderful game.

        • Yeah! Im glad to pay for new Monster Expansions!! its a great game!

    • I’d love a kind of Roc-Type (Roc as in a giant bird, not a stone) boss that flies around and such.

  3. Mr. Tavares

    Loved the tongue details (the gif loaded slowly, I could see all of them hihi)

    • hehe cheers 🙂 the very first prototype I made for the game had a tongue monster so I always wanted to get a tongue attack in there as a reference to that

  4. Microsoft

    Release date new update.

    • oh yeah I forgot you were asking about that earlier- our schedule is pretty unpredictable, but currently we’re targeting some time shortly before or shortly after christmas for full release… no idea if that will blow out or not but it probably won’t be sooner than that unfortunately 🙂

    • as for the update, that will hopefully be out within a week of two- really depends how long it takes to get this menu working in game

  5. Thomas

    Woooo that thing looks evil! Great work guys! 😀

  6. Love the slug, perhaps one of my favorite monsters to play as. Great work, loving the game, take as long as you need to get it right. I support you as I hope all Australian gamers do. Definitely my favorite 4 player game ever.

  7. Love the monster, its gonna make my life hell though, my friend was good enough with the original slug!

  8. Capybara

    The menus look fantastic! Lovely touch with the god’s hands!
    I can definitely relate to what everyone else is saying: I can’t wait to get more monsters, bosses and just more of the game itself! All that being said I think I can speak for most if not all of the fans that we’re willing to wait (despite the pains haha) cause the game is really fantastic and it’s lovely to see all the love and creativity you guys put into it!

    A few monster ideas (purely spitballing!)
    A siren with a basic spell that if, it should hit the hero, “seduces” him towards her in a trance (like Ahri from LoL if you know her) and a special that has a long wind up but very hard hitting chomp.
    A cagemaster that can draw some sort of dark fence in straight lines that only comes into existence if it has at least three lines.

  9. Colton

    Great Slug monster it’s prefect. Questions you think a Tier 4 Bug Monster is good and A Big Fluffy Dog Demon \(OwO)/

  10. Phantaeon

    Great. Now we’re gonna need a “I love it! horse” monster.

    Anyways, great job, guys. 😀

    • Phantaeon

      Also, have you guys ever heard of a youtube channel called Stumpt? Thanks to them I got to know this game. Maybe you should add a treant like enemy?

  11. Awesome slug! Also I have a boss idea, would a Chimera work?

  12. Mitchell

    Love the game so far! Any chance we’ll be seeing bosses exclusive to 2-player or 3-player mode?

  13. Bonoshman

    Maybe some sort of autoscrolling gauntlet boss? Maybe have a pool of parts that can be in the gauntlet and there’s unique traps and statues that appear and the character has to get to the end and smash some sort of large crystal or eyeball or something? That’d be cool.

  14. Rafer45

    Oh god, that slug + lava imp is going to be so annoying and so much fun. I always loved playing the slug and playing the keepaway game 😀

    Love your progress with this game, thanks a million! I think I’ll pick up Unity sometime soon.

  15. Rafer45

    Oh god, that slug + lava imp will be so annoying and so much fun 😀
    I always really liked the slug’s keepaway game. Thank you for your great work, I’ve loved every update!

  16. Newbtastic Gamer

    Love your game!! My friends and I love gathering around a screen and spending a couple hours playing local coop games, Crawl being the most popular by far. I’d go as saying that crawl is the best purchase I’ve ever made. But no matter the content the updates are sure to keep us hooked. Cheers and keep up the good work. ^^

  17. MoshiSan

    The Game Is Originally Awesome!
    i like how its going with Local-Multiplayer Rather than online, am not saying that online is a bad thing, but most of the new game’s forgot how fun was it to gather and share the same screen whilst fulfilling your journey through the game itself,
    (question : which boss you fight depends on your level/equipment right? or the floor/chapter ?
    i wish if boss’s were at random though, like tiers of boss’s to be picked up from which depends on the player’s status,)
    The game is Epic as it is , keep Polishing this diamond! 😀
    P.S: Thumbs up on the Art Work for being just too damn good to be true >w< ~

  18. Bobafett

    A few monster ideas (love your game, also play D&D, monsters are fun)

    Upgraded Lich:

    Primary: shoots a beam that poisons the player for a short time

    Secondary: creates fissure in ground where skeleton hands reach out attempting to grab the hero

    Succubi: (upgrades from scorpion)
    Spiked tail whip,

    puts hero in trance, stunning him in a lovestruck daze.

    New tree: Golems

    Basic Golem:

    Primary: Punch

    Secondary: Shoots rock from fist

    Hope you like my ideas!

  19. Shakalaka1

    Can’t wait for the new content! Any update on when it’ll be released?

  20. nice game

  21. Bobafett

    Another idea:

    How about a ghost ability where, instead of dropping blobs, a bored ghost can play 3 slime drops to possess another players monster?

    Bob, Alice, and Joe are playing. Joe is the hero, Alice is a scorpion right now, and Bob is just waiting with 3 slimes. Instead of dropping those slimes, Bob pays to steal Alice’s monster, so it is now under his control.

    • Microsoft

      Very very very cool idea !

    • sirouhei

      I’d like to see an ability to steal humanity. Like, ghosts accumulate energy over time, and after having a certain quantity a ghost can use the ability during the death animation of a hero to steal the humanity. This wouldn’t work if the player is in monster form.

      This could balance the problem of players never getting to be the hero when playing at 3 or 4.

    • Pepijn Devos

      I love it, I would love to see the anger of my friends on their faces when I steal a monster right before they could finish the hero 🙂

      • Pepijn Devos

        This comment was a reply on Bobafett’s stealing idea

        • Bobafett

          Thanks for all that praise! Spreading a little evil goes a long way! >:)