Powerhoof! We’re (probably) going to GDC!...

Man Surprised by Own Impromptu Travel Arrangements


Everyone kept on saying “are you going to GDC?” “will we see you at GDC?” “I will fly-kick your legs, PS go to GDC” and I kept on saying “no” “nope” “maybe next year” “sorry we can’t go” “no, not my brittle legs!” etc. Then a crazy thing happened- a friend said “maybe you should like… go to GDC?” and I thought “wait a minute, maybe I should go to GDC?” and then I said to Dave “maybe we should go to GDC?” and then he had this amazing idea- MAYBE WE SHOULD GO TO GDC??

So now I think we’re going to GDC- what the crap is going on here? Does anybody have tips/advice? I’ve barely left my room for months and now I’m leaving the country? Who’s going to do my washing? Dave?