Powerhoof! We’re (probably) going to GDC!...

Man Surprised by Own Impromptu Travel Arrangements


Everyone kept on saying “are you going to GDC?” “will we see you at GDC?” “I will fly-kick your legs, PS go to GDC” and I kept on saying “no” “nope” “maybe next year” “sorry we can’t go” “no, not my brittle legs!” etc. Then a crazy thing happened- a friend said “maybe you should like… go to GDC?” and I thought “wait a minute, maybe I should go to GDC?” and then I said to Dave “maybe we should go to GDC?” and then he had this amazing idea- MAYBE WE SHOULD GO TO GDC??

So now I think we’re going to GDC- what the crap is going on here? Does anybody have tips/advice? I’ve barely left my room for months and now I’m leaving the country? Who’s going to do my washing? Dave?


  1. Tzitzimime

    As someone who has briefly been to San Francisco once before, I have some sage advice…

    Do not drink the water, nor bathe in it. Avoid eye contact with the gypsies. Never travel uphill. If a pack of wild dogs approaches you, surrender your food items at once. Virgin sacrifices tied to the tracks of cable cars are a daily occurrence, so do not be alarmed nor attempt to interfere in any way. Last but not least, Americans traditionally greet each other with a spirited curtsey. The visitor is expected to initiate, and in not doing so could result in you violently offending your hosts, who are in all probability carrying firearms.

    Also, if I was you personally, once inside the GDC, I would have a small monitor strapped to my forehead with that brilliant trailer of yours playing on a loop nonstop. Let them know immediately who they are dealing with.

  2. Tzitzimime

    In all seriousness though Barney… you deserve to go to GDC. Be sure to bring Dave. And just have a wonderful time meeting your peers, and soaking in the moment.

    • Thanks 😀 yep we’ll both be going, my passport just came through this morning so we’re all good! I’ve been organizing some business cards and making up a few Crawl t-shirts, and apart from that I think we’ll just wing it and try not to act too much like giggling kids when people talk to us!

  3. Wow!! guys amazing!!! really happy for you 2 i see great games coming out of PowerHoof. so excited for this game… Your idea for this game is brilliant can’t wait to play it..

  4. in your game Crawl, will there be co-op? like 2v2? or maybe 2 players versus 2 bots? id like to be able to fight with a friend or fight against him, sorry that this is off topic

    • sorry to say we don’t have 2v2 🙁 I have a few ideas I’d like to try out for things you can activate in-game to change up the play style/mode and a 2v2 mechanic is on my list to try out, but I currently have no idea if it will work out and end up in the game or not 🙂

      • Ok! thanks for responding, i saw stumpt play this and now i REALLY want it!