Powerhoof! WEAPON COMBOS...

Spear Combo

This one is a little shorter so he can throw it for a ranged attack without having to do too many strikes first.



  1. The spear is so awesome. I’d never really played a game where a spear was a solid weapon until dark souls where it was my weapon of choice. Comboing from jabs to the throw in crawl is gonna be so sweet.

    • 😀 yeah I’m pretty happy to get the spear and sling in there… always overlooked but can be so cool

  2. Man, I love what you did with the spear combo…. Very creative!

    • cheers! unorthodox weapons like the spear so often get a pretty crummy treatment, i really want to make even the weird ones like the sling fun to use and potentially just as powerful as the regular old swords and stuff