Powerhoof! WEAPON COMBOS...

Bow Combo

I’m pretty sure we won’t use combos for ranged weapons but I figured I’d have a go at one and see how it plays ingame… you can see I was kinda struggling to come up with something, and I still don’t really feel like I figured it out.


I’m guessing we won’t end up using it, but was still a fun experiment… The shot where he fires straight up was going to rain down a cluster of arrows around him.


  1. Looking rad. You’re missing the red boot pixels off a few frames in this one.

  2. Hey it’s me again, harassing and constantly stalking your progress on this extremely anticipated game. I really think this should be put into the game, I never thought of arrow combos like this!

    • yeah thanks for reminding me of this! i still haven’t tried it ingame, but i really should- it is a bit of a mission of mine to make some of the less conventionally “cool” weapons really badass to use 🙂