Powerhoof! PowerText...

Code for generating randomized lines of text

Quite a few times I’ve found myself writing code to mash together a few strings randomly for games. Inspired by some sweet generated text stuff @eigenbom‘s been doing for his game Moon Man, I thought I’d write a tool to make this easy to do.


  • Quick and simple way of generating a randomized lines of text for a variety of purposes.
  • Chuck some simple rules in a text file and use PowerText to generate random lines.
  • Lightweight, easy to use code. Just 2 function calls really.
  • Automatically handles some simple language things like capitalizing first letter of sentence, and converting “a” to “an” where necessary.
  • Simple handling of plurals– mark numbers in your text with [#], and then plurals of words like so: “cat[s], leech[es], goose[/geese]”.
  • Add weighting for certain options by adding [weight] at the start of a line (eg: “[50]common housefly”, “[0.1] rare dodo”).
  • Insert variables from code eg “You have [numLives] life[/lives] remaining.”

There’s fancier things out there that do the same thing and more, but if you want something really quick, lightweight and easy to use this might do the trick!

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