Questions over the pronunciation of “gif” make it hard to work a gif-related pun into this heading.

Anyway I’ve got some more gifs and some more ramblings about what we’re up to.

Click through to check it out…

So we’re working on a new trailer, which we’ll use to try and launch our Greenlight campaign. I’m trying to cut it together, so I have loads of footage lying around to make gifs from 🙂


Here is an example of one of the magic types you can get with our randomly generated weapons- this is the “bloodstrike magic”. I’ve been tweeting lots of gifs, but this one got a lot more attention than any of the others, so I’m making a big note in my design book- “make shitloads more weapon magic!”

We’re getting a friend of ours “Old Shrimpeyes” to do voiceover for the trailer, and I can’t wait to get it out there and never have to look at that crappy old one again!

Also- slings!

Slings are awesome… and spears! So often underrepresented in dungeon crawlers, I’m making sure to give them some good action in Crawl! Dark Souls actually had some pretty sweet spear action as I recall, in fact I think Dave happily took a significant drop in damage to use the spear just because he really liked the feel of it- here is our sling:


Sorry about the slightly crappy gif quality- this one I captured from our video editing software instead of straight from the game and it came out a little crummy!

I really want to do a flail some time too…

And a battleaxe…