Powerhoof! Karate Basketball Enhanced Edition...

Local Multiplayer! Weapons! Rapping!


I’ve just released an enhanced edition of Karate Basketball on itch.io! You can play with others local-multiplayer now, so you’ll have more to do at your Crawl parties while waiting for the big 1.0 update (we’re working hard on that too!)

The new edition also has weapons to throw at each other, dodge rolls, more commentary, and some pretty sweet basketball themed rapping!

Grab it from itch.io


  1. Solomon

    Can we see some crawl updates please? I would really like to see that come out of early access.

    • We’re getting there. The last stretch definitely takes a while and there’s not that much to share for the lead up to release so we haven’t been posting much. Most of what’s left is bug fixing, little polish bits and bobs, and lots of work on marketing content and boring business side of things. We’re doing console releases ourselves too so there’s a big chunk of time going into those.

      • Xystem4

        Keep up the great work, you guys! I’m amazed that you can continue to put out so much new, creative, and fun content, especially with just the two of you. I can’t wait for the full release on Steam, I’m already telling everyone I know to get ready for it!

        And on a more relevant note, I love the visual style on this game, it’s just so light and open. It takes skill to make 2-D characters in a 3-D world look like they fit, and this game nails it perfectly.

  2. So, is there a basketball demon in the next Crawl update?

    • Speaking of which, how long have the achievements been there? are they in place for the next update?

      • Ha ha, we should make a version of karate basketball staring all the crawl monsters!

        Achievements are added to the steam backend but you have to wait until verison 1.0 before you can unlock them. (That’s why they’re all currently hidden)