Powerhoof! Another pixel painting...

End screen mockup

I’ve already twittered this and facebooked it and tigsourced it… what better way to procrastinate than also blogging it!


This is a sketch for an endgame screen, the idea being that if the boss beats you he escapes the dungeon in your place and gets unleashed on the world… Ideally I would break this up into parallax layers, add some subtle animated elements, and have the camera panning a little to show the parallax and put a little movement and life into it.


  1. Saeed Ahmed

    After he’s released we fight him again or fight a new boss?

  2. Jimbles

    Would this only be after being defeated by the boss in single player or in multiplayer as well

    • This is for the multiplayer mode, we don’t have a separate single player mode for crawl- it is something I would like to explore down the track, making a “classic roguelike mode” but for the time being you can play the regular 2-4 player mode against bots

  3. Complete_zero

    I just had an image of Kouros shoved in the adventurers suit. In any case, will it just be that screen, or depictions of him doing horrible things? It looks very nice.

    • Complete_zero

      Kourok, sorry. Stupidity.

    • haha yeah that’s awesome 🙂 i would love to show more, but considering how many bosses we’d like to make, it will probably just be one image to give a hint of what they are like our wreaking havoc on the world!

  4. I wonder what a Kurok Burger would taste like?