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A Hotdog, an Orphan and a Priest walk into a bar…

Get yer mitts on some more games we’ve game-jammed (and neglected to post here already).

A fanny-pack appreciation based shooter made by Dave and his fellow SeaDads for Ludum Dare 40. Including art from Jacob Janerka who made the amazing Paradigm

Barney struck out on his own for Ludum Dare 39, and made a creepy game about an orphan who just wants to be loved, with multiple endings and lots of cinder-block munching!

And for the same jam, Dave and the SeaDads made a clunky mech-warrior job about a mechanized priest protecting his flock, with overly complicated power management controls!


A spine-chilling, claustrophobic adventure

Mycologist Dr. James Turner had been stationed at an Antarctic research base for the past decade. He and his wife were nearing completion of their study into the ancient fungal organisms buried deep below the ice, when something had gone very wrong.​

Peridium is a short point and click horror adventure originally made in just over 5 days for Adventure Jam 2017. (Check out the dev log video here!) Thanks again go to Adrian for voices, and Louis for the freaky music!


A soft-boiled cyberpunk adventure

Play as post-millennial investigator Jon Murphy, as you point and click your way through a soft-boiled cyberpunk detective story. Featuring over 20 minutes of recorded dialogue – a LOT for a game that’s only 10 minutes long. What can I say, dumb cyberpunk jokes are fun to write!

Dave made this while experimenting with making some adventure game tools for Unity, with some help from friends of Powerhoof Louis Meyer and Ben Weatherall (Music), and Adrian Vaughan (all the voices).

Snowed In

A palm sized, narrated fairy-tale

This is a story about a young girl named Tabitha. We all have stories don’t we? But I’ll wager none of your tales involve a mysterious cottage, a terrifying witch, or a foul-mouthed badger named Colin!

Tilt and shake a bewitched snowglobe to guide the cursed Tabitha in fully narrated fairy tale adventure made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 38.

Dave made this with some friends of Powerhoof, known collectively as The Sea Dads!

Riders Of Rhea

Bike across a desert moon and blast some baddies

Born on this dry rock, you rode the dunes your entire life, free… Until they build that damned space elevator. 

Now a rush on the resources locked below the sandy wasteland had every thug and lowlife in the colonies rushing to your home. But you have your bike, she’s never let you down, and the wide wide roads of Rhea are calling.

Dave made this for the 7 day Roguelike 2017 gamejam, it’s a more motorcycley take on a space shooter. Blast some baddies, upgrade your bike, and do some sick burnouts!

Karate Basketball

One Court. Two Sports. No Fouls

Its NBA Jam meets Double Dragon… It’s…

Karate Basketball


  • Play against AI or with up to 4 local multiplayer
  • Hilarious commentary that definitely doesn’t get old fast!
  • Twenty weapons
  • One attempt at a basketball rap soundtrack
  • No Fouls

Dave made this with some friends of Powerhoof, known collectively as The SeaDads for the Ludum Dare 37 gamejam. It came #1 for Fun and it’s since been updated with loads of new stuff.

The Maître D’

Lotion based seating simulator

As the Maître D’ at a fancy French brasserie, it’s your job to ensure patrons encounter the best service imaginable. Worm your way in with the hoity-toity by showing them their seats!

Lotion based seating simulator

We made this with some friends for Ludum Dare 35. The theme was ShapeShifter, and it was really fun to make! It got first place overall for a team game, and first in a bunch of other categories too, you can see the results here.

Bonus Video: Barney showing our development process.

An Outing with Frankie

A monstrous petting zoo simulator for Ludum Dare 33

Frankie’s having a visit to the petting zoo! Look at all the cute animals! Frankie sometimes finds it difficult to control his own strength, but I’m sure he’ll do fine!


Dave made this with a bunch of friends over 72 hours for Ludum Dare 33. The theme of the jam was “You are the monster”. We couldn’t make Crawl again, so we made this!

Play it here!


Full Credits…

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Ice Vine Simulator 2015

The backstory…

We recently went to GDC and shared a tiny hotel room with @sunraheadgear. We had stocked up on milk to breakfast on and keep our bones in good nick, but discovered much to our chagrin that the room had no bar fridge. There was a ice machine in the hall, broken, but bearing a sign which directed us across the street and up some stairs to it’s functioning twin.

Thus began a nightly ritual of vineing ourselves collecting ice to maintain optimum milky temperatures.

See the full story here, vines and all!

The game…

On the plane back from GDC we all had a little gamejam to celebrate our icy adventures


– Click to play in your browser –

If you have an android phone you can get the authentic experience by downloading and installing this APK – http://www.powerhoof.com/public/prototypes/icevine/IceVine.apk

Dave’s Adventure Games

Wintermute Studios

Back in 2002 I discovered a nifty tool for making classic point and click adventure games called Adventure Game Studio.  AGS got me hooked on making video games, and it’s all I’ve wanted to do ever since!


I’ve made quite a few little adventures, a lot of which I used to release under the name “Wintermute Studios”. They’re all free, and you can grab them from wintermutestudiosgames.com

The Unicated

The Unicated was my most recent little adventure game. Although it was a couple of years ago now. I made it in a month for a little competition where the theme was “Evil Twin”, the music’s by the talented @sunraheadgear with voices by the irrepressible Mr. Adrian Vaughan.


A short twisted tale about conjoined twins; one good, one evil. Can they learn to work together before they’re literally torn apart?

Grab it here!

 – Dave