Powerhoof! Working on Environments… and stuff...

What next?

Well, mostly I’m working on environments for the next update- here is a little taste:


I’m just throwing around ideas at this stage, I don’t know what will make it in and what won’t, but currently I’m investigating: “caves” (shown above) “mines” “castle keep” and a much more experimental “haunted forest”.

I’ll try to keep you posted as I go!

Also, I’ve been toying with streaming/recording software, and I’ve started setting up the necessary equipment. I’m hoping that I can record/stream some animation process stuff as I’ll be doing the work anyway so it shouldn’t take up much extra time 🙂

My goal is to get familiar with the setup, and maybe start to record regular playthroughs as we test out new content and discuss the design/development process. This seems like both the least labor-intensive and the most informative way to keep everyone posted through development, so we (hopefully) don’t have big silences while I panic for a deadline, instead we just have panicky videos 🙂

Anyway, this is all just daydreams at the moment, I have no idea if it will fit in with my working process until I give it a try, but I am working on it!

*edit: here is the haunted forest concept too