Powerhoof! WEAPON COMBOS...

2-Handed Sword COMBO

I got sick of banging my head against those stupid god statue designs, so I’m taking a break and extending the anim sets for weapon combos


This is *almost* the longest combo with a 2-handed sword- going to have one mega attack right on the end that i haven’t decided on yet…

When you pick up gear, each weapon will have a “level”, so an L.3 sword can only do the first 3 attacks from the combo before you have a cooldown and start again, so the attacks basically get more damage and bigger hitboxes the further you get into the combo…

I’m thinking about some prop like a workbench or something you can find to upgrade/fix your gear- perhaps needing you to find the right ingredients to craft with etc- pretty standard fare, but i like the idea of doing that stuff in a super fast arcadey way


  1. Nonadecimal

    I like how smooth your pixel animations look. How many frames do you use to animate these?

    • hey Nonadecimal, thanks for checking out our stuff!

      here is the initial doodle i do showing the key poses (numbers are just marking off individual attacks)

      generally there will be 1 or 2 extra frames surrounding each of these to settle into the pose or start to pull out of it

      this stuff is super snappy, so it hardly needs more than just those key poses to be honest- i basically omit all passing poses and just put a big swipe there instead showing the movement arc that happened 🙂

  2. Nonadecimal

    Thanks. That’s a really useful reference for how much change you can get away with between frames and still have a smooth transition. I’ve been using only 3-4 frames so far for simple animations but I’ve been looking for examples to study as I move into more complex actions.