Powerhoof! UPGRADE MENU...

So much menu, so many players, so few pixels

I’m simultaneously designing the upgrade system and doodling possible GUI elements to support the system… I find it helps to think things out by drawing how they would work in the menus… forces me to consider lots of mechanical details and edge-cases i otherwise would have missed… these are by no means final, just work-in-progress doodles as I try to figure out what the important information is, what the necessary actions are, and how to fit it all on screen for four people at once…


Hopefully they’ll get prettier once I have the systems all figured out, but this should prevent me designing something we can’t implement cleanly.


At the end of each game, players will have won items to unlock new monster armies or new monsters within their armies. Then everyone can spend their XP on unlocking and upgrading the armies and monsters.

I’m thinking about a system where you can spend your in-game currency/XP on items to unlock armies/monsters, which are given only to the winning player at the end of the game… This means a more skilled player can handicap themselves by buying these long-term unlocks, instead of upgrading the strength of their guy in-game… so they are gambling on themselves winning, allowing someone they underestimated to possibly beat them and take the winnings they paid for…

I have a few other similar systems in mind for sort of self-imposed handicaps where strong players can limit themselves in a round for more rewards if they win… hopefully some of them work out!


  1. Grandpa Gamedevelopment

    erhm… from a design point of view… it seems rather challenging, but I like the idea wot wot. Keep trying sonny!

  2. Diggity this is the dopemeister fresh town, why isn’t this in my hands right now you people are to blame