Powerhoof! Update v0.6: Greater Spikewurm...

Update time again woo!

Well, what I took for a one-week task (revamping the evolve menus) ended up taking waaaay longer. For a while I thought I’d perish, I thought they’d find my body under a pile of failed menu mockups, but somehow we did it! This must be how Charlie Chaplin felt when he invented flight or the human sandwich!

imageHere’s another gif illustrating the origins of the Greater Spikewurm.

So we have revamped evolve screens, along with two new monsters, an in-store GUI to show what gear your hero has, a tally of your boss kills on each profile, as well as a bunch of cleaning-up on some of the older systems that have been needing a bit of a revamp!

See the full change list here

I hope you like it guys, and never stop helping by letting us know what you like, what you don’t like, and if you come across any bugs or issues! Whenever you find any problem no matter how small, just remember IT WAS ALL SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT!


  1. Arkadios

    Awesome update, I cant wait to get some guys over and play it tonight!

  2. Alexicon1

    Well, I found this game almost 2 years ago. (i think its been that long). This update just serves to remind that I need to get this game, like right now. Shame being 14 means that you don’t have an income. Looks amazing, great job, again.

    • thanks! man I can’t believe we’ve been working on Crawl for so long!

      • Alexicon1

        No problem. Did you know that I love this game so much, I have a folder on my Mac, with every Crawl gif ever released. It provides an accurate record of the progress you guys have made. Again, amazing game, looking forward to getting it (hopefully) in the near future

    • I will buy you this game and gift it to you on steam. You need to play! Hit me up with your email.

  3. Striker

    Excellent… love the new menus and monsters, especially the Spikewurm!

    • swesome to hear 🙂

      • Phantaeon

        OMG look internet a developer made a typo.

        Random internet trolling aside. great update!

        • hahaha um I never make typos! Swesome in a very common word where i come from, like “Hey Steve pass me the swsome” or “Get swsomed you jerk” or even “We’re gonna ride this swsome all the way to the swsome factory!”

          • Striker

            lol… we all know that swesome = sweat and awesome, which is what Crawl is… 😉

  4. where can i update not on steam?

  5. humble bundle only updates for 5.0 wondering if i can avoid steam

  6. There’s 2 things that the internet has taught me to love: updates and gifs. Maybe that’s the only reason I love Crawl so much.

  7. Every time you guys update the game, my mates come around to play the balls off it again. Props to you guys for still working on it and thank you!

    • so good to hear 😀 now that menu is out of the way I can get thinking about more bosses to really spice things up!

  8. Bobafett

    How we should play Crawl:
    “Hey man wanna play?”
    “Yeah sure we had fun last time”

    How we play Crawl:
    ” Hey man wanna play?”

  9. Walrusman72

    So I have two things for you guys.

    1. YOUR GAME IS AMAZING. I literally believe this to be my favorite game of all time. You guys are currently my favorite Dev team.
    2. Too help you guys out, I found a small bug you guys might want to know about. I had lost on my first boss attempt playing 3 normal AIs. After I was ejected from the boss room, no music played. The music continued to be off until I died and then subsequently regained humanity. No big deal (it was actually super cool for the music to cut out. It really emphasized my loss!) but I might as well tell you guys. Anyways


    • hey thanks so much for the encouragement and the bug report! How long ago did this bug occur? We did some work recently to try and fix the various little things that cause that bug, but we might have missed something!

      • Walrusman72

        The bug occurred yesterday around 8:30 (US central). Hope this helps!

  10. Bobafett

    I showed a couple of my friends what crawl was.
    They thought it was pretty cool until I leveled up my slug to the green tentacled prophet.
    I could have sworn one of my friends eye twitched when he saw its attacks.
    He promptly left.

  11. This game just keeps getting better and better. It’s honestly one of the most fun multiplayer games I have ever played, and I have played A LOT of games.

    I love that you guys continue to support this game, and haven’t just left this game behind like so many other devs without talking to the community. You guys are the best.

    on another note, let me tell you some of the things that I love, and some things that I would like to see.
    – The character select screen voice is so awesome and really brings me back to the days of old cheesy voice overs in games

  12. – The animations for the new update are absolutely bobastic
    – The balancing between humans and monsters isn’t perfect, but it’s great enough so that nothing is broken
    – The weapon and ability variety
    – The monster variety
    – THE NAME EASTER EGGS (I wish there were a million more)
    – The new room and floor variety (like BOI)

    There are a lot more things about the game that I absolutely love, but these are my favorite

    Now, onto the things I would like to see in the future
    – better balance of boss monsters, not a huge issue, but but kourok is too easy sometimes
    – more monsters/gods, even though there are already so many, I can’t get enough.
    – more easter egg names (hype)
    – and finally, maybe a different game mode. A monster arena or some sort of gladiator type mode where the humans fight eachother. I think that would be an interesting addition to the game (but not at all necessary). or, just another mode to mix thing up a bit, but hey, ur game aint broke now, so there is no push to fix it.

    Anyway, I love the game, keep doing what u guys are doing. Cheers

  13. Mitchell

    Love the update guys (although demon lord is still my favorite fourth tier). Any chance we’ll be seeing bosses exclusive to two player or three player mode?

  14. Jeorge


  15. Walrusman72

    1. I believe you guys have fixed the bug (I have yet to encounter it again) which is great.
    2. What are you guys planning on working on for the next update? I would LOVE to know. Thanks for making your game great!

  16. Eduler

    In the last games my brother and I have begun using the slow mo that comes after leveling up to dodge an attack or make a quick attack, which is totally cool. It is just like in towerfall ascension. That gave me an idea: why don’t you create an ability/spell with the slow mo effect? That would be a double edged sword, kind of the berserker spell, and good players would love it.

    Also, I love the taunts… it makes my friends hate me a bit less XD

  17. Bobafett

    1st tier slug: Awww Its so cute…. I wanna pet slug!
    2nd tier: Its cute, but now its brown… sigh

  18. I love the Spikewurm, sorry about your baby though 🙁
    What do you think of a new god that start with the feather of the squinting shrimp? That is like the best item ever! The god could either be a bird, but it could also be a blue hedgehog, keep up the awesome work!

  19. Bobafett

    When will we get a status report on what you guys are working ion? Just wondering. Cant wait for more content!

  20. Great update! But I have found that lately (Maybe it was a problem before update as well) when I am in the store and standing still in front of an item to read what it is/what it does, it all of a sudden vanishes (The item info and cursor over the item, not the item itself). And I have to move around and back into place to continue reading.

    LOVE this game. It is a great time to spend with friends.
    Keep up the great work, we all support!