Powerhoof! stiiiill closing in on Early Access...

It’s so so close, TIME TO PANIC!

We’re working like crazy, and I’m freaking out- it’s almost here- launch time is almost here!

I’m putting the finishing touches on the first of our little sequence of “Meet the Beast” launch trailers introducing people to the mechanics of some of our monsters. We’re planning to announce our launch date with the first trailer but now I’m crapping myself to actually announce it for real!!

What if something goes wrong and we can’t do it on time and the internet hates us? What if our tutorials don’t make sense and what if we choose the wrong price to sell for and what if we should have gone with a publisher and what if my computer has a virus and what if my legs are crushed under an oil rig minutes before I upload the trailer to YouTube and we miss the launch date and I’m forever mocked and called “old brittle Pete” because my legs didn’t have the strength to take it?


In between working on the trailers and panicking, I’ve been putting together all the different art to support our Steam page- it’s all starting to feel way too real seeing the Steam page come together, I really hope my brain doesn’t explode!