Powerhoof! See you jerks in a month!...

I’m baguetting outta here!

My excuse for not posting so far is that while Barney’s had plenty of time between working on the game and fanatically checking youtube hits, my spare time’s been taken up planning a sweet holiday in the UK and France!

It’s probably not the smartest move for an indie developer burning through his savings, but then if I was a smart indie developer, I’d be indie developing banking software for some global mega-corp.

I'm baguetting outta here!

So while Barney’s huddling up to his own filth for warmth in freezing winter Melbourne, I’ll be coding majestically on a beach in the south of France.

I’ve heard the colour of the light in Provence inspired some of the great artists: Persson, Miyamoto, Carmack, Schafer…

Ok, I’d better start packing!


  1. it’s good to see you will be dragging your lappy by the power cord and that you have replaced your hands with rectangles! hehe i hear they’re all the rage in paris! 🙂

    • My hands have been replaced with blocks of French butter, or as they call it in France, “Le French butter“.