Powerhoof! Second update is 99% ready!...

Woo nearly ready!

Alongside the new boss, we have some color grading to balance the palette…


We have new interactive props- some with unpleasent effects such as nausea…


And of course new monsters! This is the plague mushroom…


and this guy… maybe his name is Pete?



  1. yussssss so excited for this!!
    checking for a blog update 10 times a day has finally paid off! X)
    but seriously this looks beautiful i cannot wait!

    • for real, these guys owe me a new F5 key

      • bro
        tell me about it
        here i am again

        • 😀 haha you guys rock

          • pffff nah mang, you guys do!!
            also my bro
            …i honestly haven’t beat him since like our 3rd game
            it’s embarrassing
            but still insanely fun somehow so
            the rocking one is you
            you two

  2. oh my god, so much hype

  3. So, do you have an official place for suggestions?

  4. Eliohoho

    A winner is Powerhoof 😮

    You rock guys. MOAR BLOBS please !

  5. Hahaha, nice stuff, plague mushroom looks hilarious xD . Can’t wait to get playing again! 🙂

  6. Oh man, it’s looking fantastic!

    I know I told you earlier that I couldn’t buy this game until it had a working online multiplayer, but I couldn’t help myself. I adore your pixel art too much, and I happened to be in need of a local multiplayer game when my bro visited for Christmas. We had loads of fun with it, might I add! We’re both the sort of player that loves to play the bad guy when it comes to games, so we weren’t too bothered that even the bots were beating our butts. Although he did keep questioning one design choice about it:

    The players would all have the choice of challenging the boss in order to win, and the players playing the monsters at that time would have to take control of the boss and stop the player form winning. Nothing wrong with that. But if the players lost to the boss three times, then oddly enough all players would lose the game all the same when Kourok was released! Personally I think that’s a fairly understandable way to cut the game if it goes on for too long, but we did find ourselves facing the dilemma of what the monster-players were supposed to be working towards during the third boss battle, as losing would mean losing, and yet winning would also mean loss for everyone.

    Oh, also… Despite already writing up an unbearable wall of text (perhaps I should have e-mailed you, now that I think about it) I meant to ask you: After spending the holidays unlocking all the things and monsters so we can use them in the future, will the upcoming update reset everything or will our progress be saved? You might have answered this earlier as well, but I’m too lazy to find out. Thanks.

    Keep up the amazing work, Powerhoof! You fellas are my idols when it comes to indie developers.


    • You don’t lose as the ghost if you beat the Hero for the third time, only the Hero loses. The ghosts actually win…

      • “the idea being that if the boss beats you he escapes the dungeon in your place and gets unleashed on the world” -Barney

        I don’t know, it never felt like winning to me, it was more like, because everyone was incompetent, the boss wins instead. I suppose since the boss is played by the monsters, then technically they win, but… Eh, we must have misinterpreted it all along then! 😛

        • haha, i guess i think of it both ways- the boss definitely wins and takes the humanity and gets the hell out of there, but the ghosts also win by succeeding at preventing the other player from escape… so i guess the more vengeful you are towards your friends, the more it works as a victory for the ghosts 🙂

    • oh yeah- you should keep all your progress for the new update btw!

  7. Although i can see how the newer palette is better for the pixel art, and will make the monsters and environments seem way nicer, the drab dreariness of the old one will always have a special place in my heart :’)

    awesome monsters btw!

    • haha yeah, I really wanted it to be genuinely bleak and murky like a real dungeon would be, but I am very happy with the new palette 🙂

  8. Pete looks amazing!

    When I first brought this game I showed my friends and now it is a game we play all the time because the concept is so well thought out. You guys have done an amazing job and I hope it stays that way!

    Also I have an idea for the game that I think is really cool!

    The idea is that maybe you could make different themed maps that you could choose at the start
    e.g. ice, forest, normal etc
    because it would make the feel of the rooms cooler.

    Tell me what you think. 😀

    • i’ll be looking at different environments next update- hopefully it doesn’t take as long as this one did!

  9. Striker

    It’s like Christmas all over again! Well done, guys!!! 🙂

  10. RLY good game guys !!!

  11. UPDATE IS LIVE!!!!

  12. 16wongmc1

    HYPE 🙂