Powerhoof! Powerhoof game jam complete!...

Regular Human Basketball has arrived

Working on one big project for years can be exhausting, so we thought we’d freshen ourselves up with a little game jam! We took two weeks off and made a completely stupid little multiplayer basketball game.


It’s called “Regular Human Basketball” and really the name says it all. You play basketball and are a regular human, definitely not a giant mechanical death machine! We’ll be releasing it for free later in the week.


  1. Would I be correct if I guessed that the player controls that little dude and uses those symbols to move the robot?

  2. Walrusman72

    This is one of the many reasons why you guys are one of my favorite dev teams.

  3. BladedTaco

    what do you mean stupid, its idiotic at best.
    Nah, jks. Looks like fun.

  4. It looks like a fun game, will it be local multiplayer too?

    • yup, it’s local multiplayer for 2 players and up- not sure if there is a maximum, depends how many controllers you can get to register on your computer i guess 🙂

  5. Krzycho


    I’ve played it now like about 20 times with my bro ( we are 25 and 30 ). When we played it first I had only one thing in my mind: “What the fuck?”. But after a couple of matches, when you master it, the game rocks =D We’ve been playing again and again and again 😉
    Push it to OUYA! This platform need games like this, and people love them too.

    Great job.