Powerhoof! Post “Post GDC Post” Post...

What a surprise, more pixel art!

I like drawing monsters getting their heads chopped off! I don’t know why… look, his whole head just comes flying right off!


This is my initial sketch for what an intro animatic cutscene thingy could look like- I’d have 3 or 4 of these still frames with some mildly animated elements and text, just to explain the basic gameplay objective for new players…


  1. Complete_zero

    You could have one of the amazing, cool looking pictures of stuff happening…and then what it looks like in the actual game. That pixel art looks absolutely amazing.

  2. cool idea- I like the idea of showing some more detailed images upfront then going to low-res, so when you see the very low stuff you remember that tone and style, and your brain uses it to fill in the blanks when it imagines in more detail

  3. Will you stop making awesome pixel art please? I liked the monster being naked, by the way.

    • hehe yeah i just couldn’t think of what kind of pants he would wear… seemed too monstery to be at some pants shop wondering what style would suit him

  4. Nikuichi

    Hello there,

    First of all, let me be completely unoriginal and try to express how awesome your work is. It feels so punchy and there’s only a few pixels moving, truly impressive.

    I have a question for you, Barney. Sorry, I really didn’t know where else to post this.

    I’m trying to become a pixel artist too, and I’d like to go professional with my work at some point. Like you guys, I’m an indie game developper, only on a much lower level of expertise for the time being.
    So my question is : If I want to do pixel art at a professional level some day, do I HAVE TO buy a drawing tablet and start training with it ? I tried one for some time and felt much more comfortable with a mere mouse. Maybe it is because I’m so unexperienced with the tablet but the mouse really is more precise pixel-wise in my opinion.
    What are you using ? Would you say there is mandatory choice ?

    • Hey thanks for the interesting question 🙂

      First I’d like to say you definitely do not need to use a tablet in order to make professional quality pixel art. The mouse is a powerful and accurate tool, and I know of many amazing pixel artists who find it more efficient- actually the guy who I personally class as the best pixel artist working today- Paul Robertson- says he uses the mouse for all his work, and he is incredibly prolific.

      With hardware choices like this, (and with software choices), I think people pay way too much attention to what tools/programs are more powerful/efficient. The only important thing is how comfortable you feel in the workflow. Every medium has weaknesses, but if you feel very comfortable with your workflow then you will overcome the weaknesses… A guitarist wouldn’t choose a synthesizer instead of a guitar because it is more powerful and can play more notes more accurately- if guitar is what he feels comfortable with, he will make the best music with that.

      It’s all about finding what’s right for you i think 🙂

      Personally, I use a small Wacom Cintiq, which is a tablet with a monitor screen on the face, so you are drawing directly on the screen. This works very well for me. I tried regular tablets and found them very awkward- i could never accurately line up the angle of a line i drew to what angle it would come out on the screen- I never became particularly accurate with them and relied on the mouse heavily. Once I tried the Cintiq it felt completely natural, so now I use that a lot. I also still use the mouse a lot too depending on the task- often the mouse if more efficient.

      The strength of a mouse is pinpoint accuracy. The strength of a tablet is the ability to draw smoothe sweeping curves… (also pressure sensitivity, but that doesn’t really get used so much for pixel art). Both can do the other’s task easily enough.

      I hope that helps 🙂

      • Nikuichi

        That helped a lot, thanks !

        By the way, Paul Roberston is a god amongst humans.

  5. Don Rodney

    Fuck, this post doubled my anticipation :3