Powerhoof! Adventure Game Concept...

Get A Load Of This Super High Resolution Art!

Doing some concept work for another game we’re working on… still unannounced… very mysterious… LARPing may or may not be involved…  Literally hundreds of pixels per character- what a future we live in!



*edit was a bit more washed out than intended so I brightened a tad… Colors on Cintiq, laptop and PC are all completely different- who do I trust?

I know the Cintiq is miles off true, I hear the laptop is more “accurate” than my LCD, but if LCD is inaccurate in a similar way to most peoples monitors then doen’ts that essentially make it a more accurate benchmark?


  1. Shrimpy

    Looking goooood! Seated beardy viking bloke is doing it for me!

  2. Hell yeah! Love it. I should go on holiday for a month more often! The expression on the face of the smith really came through from Gav’s concept. Really evokes the “whiney fat nerd dressed as a cat” thing.

    • hehe yeah there is a hilarious amount of real life reference available for that character 🙂 i think the LARP thing will be pretty fun for character all round, doing classic fantasy stuff but the knight is wearing sneakers etc… kind of a fun mashup thing

  3. Looks great! I feel like Dave could almost pull off the keytar player look IRL

    • (its based on a secret photo of dave form when he used to wear his beard curled up like that and get about in puffy pants)

  4. Burly cat-men don’t mess! You can tell by that don’t-mess-face.