Powerhoof! Narrator Voice Behind-the-Scenes...

Time for more Shrimpy!

Getting close to launch time means making another trailer, which means another incredibly professional recording session with Ye Old Shrimpeyes!

Hopefully it doesn’t shatter the illusion haha 🙂


  1. Dark wizard, shripeyes the unlucky, always having to troubleshoot his runes and deleting half of his magic circles

  2. Addertongue (Jamais Namme or Xoac103)

    I, myself, find the audio directing perfect. Great explanation.

  3. Seriously considering this a must for the Xbox one, yet I’m holding from purchasing it as I need to know if there’s enough value to this game for someone who most likely will play this solo rather than couch multi…

    • It’s all fully playable single player, or just with 2 or 3 people 🙂 of course you miss out on some of the silliness of annoying other people, but the gameplay is the same

    • Xystem4

      I can vouch for the game’s solo playability. It might be just me, but I personally enjoy playing with the bots (although of course real people are ideal). I have over 100 hours in entirely solo (when I play with friends it’s usually not on my copy of the game). But either way, I recommend at least trying it out. A game at most would take around 30 minutes, so you should have time for around 5 before the 2-hour return time limit becomes a problem, and there’s really no way to know if you’ll like a game without trying it out yourself.

  4. 2017 Youtuber

    Forced to talk by game developers?!? *Not Clickbait* *Gone Sexual* *Almost Died*

  5. I’m curious about what the audio equipment. What’s the setup.


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