Powerhoof! MORE RUN ANIMS...

Animating monsters again!

I’ve got a whole load of new monster anims- here’s a few runs

The little guy on the left is the smallest I could come up with to still have discernible arms and legs… it’s fun to control such a tiny guy in-game, still trying to figure out what his abilities should be…

definite Doom influences on the demon guy.



  1. Shrimpy

    I reckon it’d be SWEET if the little guy leapt at the player’s head from a fair distance delivering some rapid fire punch or claw attack!

  2. too late shrim! i already gave him a pick axe thingy! http://www.powerhoof.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/gnome3.gif

    • Darren

      Is the plan to have hits for each weapon? or just have them pop in and out like they currenlty do?

      • They’ll probably just pop out like they do there- the less unique content I have to make for each weapon, the more likely I am to just put in a whole new weapon on a whim when I have an idea for one 🙂

    • Shrimpy

      Looks great!

  3. Darren

    why you not posting your cool gifs on here, instead I got to trawl through your twitter feed to find my pixel fix… 🙁

    • hehe yeah I’ll dump all the latest stuff here when I get a chance soon- I’ve been on holiday on the goldcoast and forbidden from using the computer for a little while 🙂