Powerhoof! More Monsters...

Woo another one!

I initially designed the ghost-girl around her little flame dropping a wall of fire like this, but it turned out waaaaay too much for a tier 1 monster!

A while later Dave proposed a color variant for her with the light hair and dark clothes and it looked sweet so I’ve been planning this one ever since.


The lightning was a bit of an experiment (as damage effects often are for this game) and it looked like crap right up until the very end when all the bits came together, so I was 99% sure I’d have to scrap it and come up with something else.

Lucky once I attached it all together it started looking okay- PHEW I was all outa ideas for her if that didn’t work!


  1. Walrusman72

    HEEEEEEEELLL YEAH! I loved the ghost girl and am super happy to see her have an actual upgrade! Never stop pulling from the unholy well that you use to make your games.

    • hehe cheers 🙂 glad you like her, I’ve been worried people would find her to awkward to control!

      • I just love flyin’ around with an unholy mass of hellfire trailing me.

  2. Gregypo085

    I’m stoked to see her get an update! Really excited to play her! Also, you’ve seen some of the stuff I have worked on for my game and I just recently started a jellyfish like enemy and this is the perfect reference for electricity, so thank you!

  3. Tommy Ydier

    that fire wall mechanic looks really cool

    • I think my main concern with the ghost girl is that she is still a support monster, like the mushroom or spider

  4. can you add a pit blue to lightning

  5. I can’t wait for the next update! With the new mushroom guy and this upgraded ghost girl, it should be a lot of fun and more variety later in the game. You guys are awesome, keep up the great work!

  6. Bobafett

    Hey Barney, check out some custom sprites I made here: http://pixelartmaker.com/art/1d00a1803291461

    The art is fairly primitive, but I’m sure you’ll get the gist.

  7. CrazyCub

    I would loovee to ser a new boss

    • we’re working on one 🙂 but it’s gonna take a while, so no boss in next update unfortunately!

  8. Tomnar

    You guys are the best always looking forward more P.S when is the next update