Powerhoof! Menus and HUD stuff...

What’s going on with Crawl?

Aside from our two-week break to make a stupid free mech basketball game, we’ve been full-steam-ahead on Crawl.

This update, we’re focusing on some core stuff to do with Menus, HUD information, and simplifying our currencies to make for better communication. Definitely not as fun as making more monsters, but we’ve been putting it off for ages so it became very important to do another pass on it all finally.

I’ve been doing a lot of mockups- here are some of the more interesting ones:

imagebasic art/animation design for evolving monster

This is my basic design for what it will look/feel like when you’re actually evolving monsters- I wanted the hands to bring a little flavor, to imply that it is the god choosing and upgrading the monsters. You can see I haven’t animated the smoke effect, as that will be done with particles in game. I’ll hold off til I’ve got the real deal particle system to work with, but I’ve figured out the basic size and color/value stuff here. it’s probably a lot more saturated and purple than the final will end up, but all the ground work has been done, and that kind of minor stuff will be tweaked at the implementation stage.

imagelayout for monster selection menu

You can see I’ve developed the layout/design a lot further here than I had in the evolve mockup. I’ve added some space to facilitate extra buttons here- one to look at your hero gear, one to upgrade your blobs, and one to see gameplay tips.

imageart/animation design for level progress

This is a redo for the screen that shows your hero progress for each floor- the skulls will show your kills, and the podium height will show your relative progress towards level 10. Once again the smoke hasn’t been animated, to be done properly on implementation.


Here is my mockup for the screen transitions from the end of level game screen, to the results/evolve stuff, then back to the game screen and the start of the next level.

imagehero gear and stats show in HUD

And last we have a mockup for better showing what gear/stats your hero has when you go into the store. This one was a real headache, but it should give players an easy reminder of all the important info when they go in to buy some more stuff. Along with this HUD change, we’re reworking how the stats work in general, to make them much more easily communicated/understood.

We’ve been doing a whole lot more as well, to do with streamlining the blood/gold currencies and better communicating the Vitae (now called “Wrath”) but there isn’t much by way of interesting art to look at for that stuff, so you’ll just have to wait and see 🙂