Powerhoof! Crawl Launch Date, Take Two...

Crawl Launch Back On Track!

“Two weeks! Two weeks! Two… weeks? Twoooooo weeeeeeeeks!” -Future Lady


So we’re back on track and finally have a new launch date! Get ready to play some Crawl on August 6th everybody- now featuring a special super-secret new IRS MAN monster!!

We have another little monster clip, and I have made a new little image to celebrate!

Oh yeah, we also have a for-real page up now on Steam- YAY!



  1. YES!!! Finally!! awe man i’ve been visiting this blog ever since you announced the delay and refreshing the friggen page just hoping to see the new launch date.. I am diggin the new trailer… ah I am so happy :’D..

  2. YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. whha whha wha whhhhaaaa whhhhatttt is that monstrosity in the trailer???? uhhhhhh

    • hehe 🙂 may contain a sneak peek of the colossal frost skeleton- lord of all Crawl skeletons 🙂

  4. Saeed Ahmed

    Get hyper!!!

  5. How much does this cost?? I WANT TO GIVE YOU MY MONEY NOW

  6. Congratulations! Can’t wait to buy it to play with my girlfriend 😀
    That game is a blast for sure, instant buy! 10$ is a joke for such a great game! ♥

  7. Benjamin

    Yeeeeeeesssssssssssss congrats dudes!!!!!!!!

    • thanks!! we really hope people like it when they get to play!

      • Are you serious ?? How could people not like it ??

        • haven’t you noticed yet that barney suffers from a low self-confidence? we need to assure him multiple times that everything will be great…that is our job now guys!!

          so barney….yeah….everything will be great! this game is absolutely unique which is (even with indie development on the rise) very rare. People will notice… they will be amazed by the concept… and you guys will make your name known… which is a huge thing, even if you maybe don’t sell millions of copies, which of course would also be great….

          • haha thanks Chris 😀

            it’s pretty nerve-wracking sending our little game out into the world- this has not been an easy design task and there are some areas i’m still not sure if we’ve landed on the perfect solution yet… it’s difficult when there are no existing games like this to use as reference to see what worked and why, so it all feels like a bit of a gamble hehe 🙂

            still, thanks for the support, it definitely helps to see so much enthusiasm!! 😀

          • Niblette

            Hey, as Chris said, everything is fine, i’m sure your game will be a success, plus you’ll have a name, and that’s worth more than anything else IMO. From what i see (thanks Stumpt), the only thing that might drown this game is the lack of online multiplayer (but it’s coming so no problem…). Cheers for coming this far :p

  8. AWESOME!!!! CAN”T WAIT!!!

  9. T- That’s the day before college starts…! :O

    What this means is that I’ll have absolutely no time to play it, not to mention that all my friends will be across the country and most likely just as busy.. As much as it kills me to say it, I might not buy it right out of the gate… It’s an amazing project and I’m willing to give you all of my support (and money) as soon as you start looking at online multiplayer – that’s a promise!
    Do we have a deal? :]

  10. Benjamin

    Barney you don’t have to worry i already love it when i saw your trailer this game is too awesome every one should love this game, its like a dream come true! 🙂 🙂

  11. Phreakester

    Haha! Been waiting for a while now but it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO worth it! Gonna get a steam account just for this game!! Great game and I want to see where this will go! Keep up the good work!

  12. For all you guys that are eagerly awaiting this game: take a look at the “stumpt” videochannel on youtube. they are releasing 4-player videos on crawl on a regular basis…and it perfectly shows hoch much fun you can have with this game…


    @barney: i hope it’s ok that i post this link here… 🙂

  13. This is exciting! So happy it worked out and we get to play it 🙂 congratulations on making it!

  14. Emodular

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I am so pumped! I’m ordering an Xbox360 wireless controller thing for my pc and my buddies are coming over to play! I am going to find that IRS man, and if my friends play as him (is it an evolution? im confused…) HE IS GOING TO DIE!!! 😀

    • sweet 😀 the tax man isn’t a regular evolution, you have to find him in the dungeon! hopefully the gods cooperate and you find and kill him!

  15. Emodular

    Oh! I have a question… How far do the evolutions go? I mean if they couldnt go any farther and my character kept leveling up, how could the monsters prevent me from winning? I mean that is kind of the fun of playing as a monster though… AAAAAHHHHH I WANNA PLAY IT!!!!! Honestly, i think this is the coolest game… ever… EVER. And when I invited my friends to come on the 6th, they were like “cool! What IS crawl?” and I cant explain it! It always ends up with me giving up and saying “umm… Just wait! its gonna be awesome!” Thank you soo much for making this game!

    • hahaha oh man 😀 so awesome!

      most monster chains have 4 levels of evolution, though i plan to add some secret ways to go a bit further than that 🙂 we’ve been tweaking and tuning things to stop situations where the hero level can run away and outlevel the monsters- those games happened with the old build and really messed up the quick feel we wanted, and broke the nice building intensity we had planned, so most likely this won’t be happening anymore- the high tier monsters have also been tuned much better, so the hero is much less likely to end up OP against them hehe

  16. Blaze027

    so in your post you say this “Get ready to play some Crawl on August 6th everybody- now featuring a special super-secret new IRS MAN monster!!” how is it a special super-secret IRS MAN MONSTER if you just told everyone? lol

  17. @barney: my browser won’t let me respond to your comment above, so yeah…:

    you are right. there is no game like this out there… i haven’t thought about it that way before…you only have little things to realy rely on in terms of working mechanics. but man, from my point of view, you nailed it. of course there will be things that need tweaking, but with early access you will have the time and the feedback to do so. really, the only thing that i see problematic right now is the lack of online multiplayer. I’ve been involved in games development myself (before i quit for making music, which i have way more talent for ;)) and i know how much more work an online mulitplayer mode can mean.

    but i think you should really try to accomplish it. look at the game “assault android cactus”… it is a really well done twin-stick-shooter, which also works great in local co-op. but look at the forum posts on that game. people are begging for online multiplayer.
    with the rise of mmorpgs and such, people make a lot of friends far far away from their home. they start playing other games together….crawl should be one of those games. i personally will be able to crawl with my real live friends from time to time, but i have so many more out there in the net, and it would be a pleasure to play this 24 hours a day hahaha 😉

    sorry for this long post, haha