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Read The Article And Write The Article In My Article About Rock Paper Shotgun’s Article About Crawl

By Barney Cumming on July18th, 2013 at 11:53 pm.

RPS article

Articles about videogames come in many lighting conditions and are full of perils.  From articles commenting on the giant videogame rats of yesteryear to articles commenting on the hyper-detailed, physics-jittering corpses of giant videogame rats of today.  That, of course, is why humanity evolved friendship – as a defense mechanism in videogames websites.  Biology- it’s a disgusting thing!  But then along slithers this article about Crawl.  It’s a curiouslike game-details-mentioner where a guy from a website you’ve been going to every day for years suddenly and unexpectedly writes an article about the videogame you’ve been making!  Kind of like Kotaku’s League of Fighting Article, but about us!  But you can’t talk to the journalist?  Of course you can’t.  He’s in some other country.

Seems like it might be a little nerve wracking right?  Videogames journalists tend to be a bit more ruthless than some random human or family member I show my game to, after all.  But actually, the whole article seems pretty us-friendly.  Here’s writer Nathan Grayson’s description:


Seems like it might get frustrating, right? People tend to be a bit more ruthless (not to mention capable) than mid-tier AI, after all. But actually, the whole system sounds pretty player-friendly. Here’s developer Powerhoof’s description:

“This is our take on the classic four-player gameplay of Gauntlet, mixed with a Japanese bullet-hell shooter… I guess if you imagined Super Bomberman had sex with The Legend of Zelda you’d have Crawl… and a mental image of some sort.”

“It’s a very arcadey dungeon crawling beat-em-up where one player controls the ‘heroic adventurer’ and the other three control all the dungeon’s traps and monsters. If you kill the hero, you take his place and it’s your turn to crawl while your friends try to kill you.”

Also, the hero has markedly more health than enemies, so he’s not entirely a target in blood-soaked armor. Still, he’ll probably meet his untimely doom more often than most strapping mass murderers with hearts of gold, but it sounds like auto-switching will keep things from getting frustrating.

Also, Dave and I have markedly more naivete than journalists working in the games industry, so we’re not exactly the hypochondriacs in pee-soaked trousers we probably should be. Still, we’ll likely believe we’re about to meet our untimely doom more often than most strapping creators of low-fi murder simulators with hearts of gold, but it sounds like positive feedback from games journalists and pixel-art fans will keep us from becoming suicidal.

It all takes place in a manually generated videogame website with tons of great articles and info and this static image of the writer wearing headphones that won’t stop grinning terrifyingly out form the the RPS “about” page no matter how many times I try to obscure it with this half eaten cob of corn I for some reason have on a plate next to my computer, I guess I probably ate corn recently and put the plate down next to the computer but you’d think I would remember something like that

Apparently he’s aware of our publicly playable build in the coming months. We’d better not screw this up!
…man I think this really might be the stupidest thing I’ve posted so far!
I guess what I really meant to say with all that was:


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