Powerhoof! ideas for bosses…...

Super high level bosses…?



I need to find out about the boring legal stuff… TV shows can reference people and characters and use an approximation of their likeness all the time, but i think games have significantly less freedom…?


  1. Your game looks interesting! But please, please consider changing the name. There’s already a game called crawl: http://crawl.develz.org/wordpress/

    • Hi Syrion- yeah that’s bad luck for us with Dungeon Crawl! We did a search before we bought the domain names and Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup was one of the things that came up but that was very different from just the word Crawl so we didn’t consider any issues…

      Now I’m starting to gather people use the nickname just crawl to refer to Dungeon Crawl which is definitely an issue for us to think about, but at least it’s a nickname and people still have the full unique name Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup to differentiate with pretty easily- on the link you posted I still couldn’t see DCSS referred to as just “crawl”?

      I hope there is space for both games without treading on toes- initially our game was called Crawling Chaos as a reference to an H.P Lovecraft story, but over time we decided that name sucks and we were really excited when we thought to cut it down to just CRAWL…

      Anyhow, we are talking about the problem, considering the possibility of retitling it as CRAWL 4p or CRAWL 4 players to differentiate it better in a search engine…

      I guess we’ll see how things develop- we’d like to gauge whether too many people find it confusing, and if we need to change it, no huge deal, we do just really like the name 🙂

  2. srhfuish

    If you guys are trying to restre the good old(shit) days of your opinions/chilhood, could you at lower the frames per second of the game? A NES would atomize from the FPS. trendy 20+ year olds……..

    • hehe i love my *memory* of old gameplay experiences, not the crappy limitations of the reality of those experiences!

  3. The second guy looks a bit like Gabe Newell.

  4. Tzitzimime

    It seems a lot of passionate people are objecting to the similarity in name to Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, but what then about Dungeon Crawl Classics? A dungeon crawl is generic name for a type of game, nobody can claim rights to it.

    So I say keep the name if you like it. Or change it back to Crawling Chaos, because the Lovecraft reference is empowering and very apropos…

  5. this could be such a cool boss, the different players controlling the characters, try to protect gabe… glad to see you managed to use gabe as a good though 😀