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Cyberpunk pixel guys

I drew these random future guys!  I guess because i listened to Neuromancer on audiobook again a little while ago…

I’ve been daydreaming about a game I could make for them… maybe a side scrolling stealthish thing along the lines of Mark of the Ninja- characters have different abilities and gizmos to navigate around…?

Maybe you’re a detective of some kind?


 – Barney

  1. GamesInquirer

    Go play Trilby: The Art of Theft for ideas!

    • I’m a huge fan of the AGS games (which the trilby games are made in). Discovering AGS and their community is what first got me excited about making games. The trilby series is awesome – although I’m more a sucker for the adventures than the stealth platforming.

      Barney and I were throwing around some ideas for this on friday though, and the vibe of “art of theft” isn’t too far off the mark really.

    • Hey thanks for the tip- unlike dave i haven’t already played every obscure AGS type thing ever made, so Art of Theft looks pretty sweet and hopefully has lots of neat ideas to be inspired by/steal…

      I’m actually thinking about making this turn-based, as a kind of sidescrolling Xcom-lite sort of thing where you have maybe a team of four or so guys and you can set up things where one guy is distracting a guard/bot/whatever while another guy sneaks past etc

      i think the future techology stuff will mesh well with that in lots of ways 🙂

  2. Barney Cumming

    Is there anything to stop trolls posting as whatever name they like? Look at me I’m Barney Cumming!!! Oh Jesus!!! I’m cumming all over the place!!!

    • I like your style Mr. Cumming! How could i not approve your post considering we have such similar names!

  3. teedoubleu

    This is some sexy pixel art. I’m making the game you are thinking about:D


    • Hiram Aleman

      i came across your game in cyberpunkjam a couple of weeks ago. VERY well done, man.