Remember how I used to post stuff here?

It seems like ages since I’ve posted here. Looking at the previous post date confirms it- more than two months, officially ages.

So whats the deal with that? What have we been doing for two months- slowly eating a single taco? Living in a box?

Well, looking back through my emails and photos for the past months, I have pieced together the following outline of events:


We had a big panic preparing to show Crawl at our first convention- PAX Aus! My mum drove me in with her van to drop off my big TV for the booth- thanks mum! We set up the stand with much less need for panic than we were prepared for, then proceeded to systematically panic anyway at fairly regular intervals.

image“lords of looking”


Before PAX could kick off another games convention happened- GCAP. They had awards, I wore a shirt, somehow Crawl won the Art category and Game of the Year. We were very surprised- thanks Australian Game Developers Association! And thanks to all the nice people who congratulated us on our awards and overlooked our surprised and blundering “speeches”.

PAX again

The PAX show happened and it was surprisingly grueling on the legs. My legs are primarily decorative to stop me looking uncouth when I sit on my chair, and are definitely not designed for standing and walking around for three days straight. Crippling leg-damage aside, it was awesome to have everyone laughing and shouting and having a blast playing Crawl at the booth- thanks everyone who played with us at PAX, you were all so nice and reminded us why we’re doing this all over again!

image“potplant waits patiently for a game”

Beta Bar

Some amazing maniac built a crawl arcade cabinet and set it up at a local bar for PAX after party drinks- it was amazing! We Played Crawl how it was always meant to be played- 4 half-drunk idiots crowding around a stand-up cabinet in a darkened bar. It reminded me of impromptu Street Fighter 2 tournaments with strangers down at thel fish-and-chip shop! Thanks Skaidris- Beta Bar is awesome! If you’re in Melbourne come check it out!

image“joystick, 2 buttons and a beer- intended control scheme”

SK Games Interstate Arcade

Some other amazing maniacs from SK Games set up another awesome event with Crawl projected huge out the front with more beer, chiptunes and game-related craziness- I wish they did this every week! Thanks dudes form SK Games, you are awesome!

image“are there any bars left where you can’t play Crawl?”
image“still sore over not taking home that much coveted Beard of the Yeard award”

Crawl Boss 2- “this time it’s personal… and this time it also takes much longer than scheduled”

Once the craziness of PAX died down, we started work on our second boss for Crawl- a 3 headed hydra which can walk around the room- Kourok will be so jealous! I anticipated him to be done in 2-3 weeks- it is now about 6 weeks later and we’re only just finishing him off… oops! Turns out he was really difficult to get playing right- who knew? Hopefully people have fun with him, I can’t wait to have him released!

image“hydra intro featuring poignant mouse cursor cameo”

And now you’re up to date and know everything that has happened and you’ve forgotten completely about me being too slack to update the blog for two months.

PS- Crawl is being mentioned in some articles and stuff woo!
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