Powerhoof! FIRST POST!...

Aaaaaand the Powerhoof site is up!

We have our own games company and our own website- this is awesome!

Look at me I’m an internet genius! I can put exclamation marks on every comment!

We have some very important stuff to cover in this first post, so let’s get down to business:

First this:


If I can’t put a picture of a guy pooping on another guy, what was the point of quitting my job? I’m not gonna have my own company where I can do whatever I want and then not put a picture of a pooping guy!

I might do this every time, just to prove to myself I’m not working for some boring company any more!

“Oh hello, my name is Mr. Professional Games Company, and I do not endorse employees putting poopymen on my internet”
“Screw you Mr. Company- I’m out!”

Then this:

With that out of the way, i should also mention video games:

video games


Please give us your money!

(post complete)

– Barney

  1. I wholeheartedly approve of this.