Powerhoof! Eye Beast Gameplay...

Check it out!

Barney’s captured some gifs of our eye beast, one of the tougher monsters you can play as!

Eye Beast Battle
Click through to see him in action…

Your primary attack is a hefty eye beam. While firing, he can strafe but can’t turn, so if you miss you’re left vulnerable.

Eye Beast Battle

All monsters in the game have a special attack that recharges over time. His special is a big chomp. It does a lot of damage, but it takes a while to charge and easy to evade. If you do chomp the hero however, they’ll become temporarily INSANE.


If you manage to take him down, there’s a chance you’ll get to snatch up the eye and use it to clear the remaining monsters from the room.

Beauty is in it

You also might have noticed that we now have smashable props, something that pretty much everyone who’s played it has asked for!


  1. Complete_zero

    The eye cannon is awesome, and seems, again, netback-y. However, wouldn’t most players save the beholder for the last thing to beat? Or would they take out the beholder first…

    • Good point- i think beams are pretty hard to ignore so it’s likely people will try to take them first out with other guys remaining- at least often enough to get use out of the eye every now and then, which is really what i want for it- just to spice things up occasionally!

      This is actually a trial mechanic i threw in to test out my intended “fatality” system, where most monsters can give you a short “powerup” of some kind if you kill them in the right way / with the right weapon.

      With small monsters you might grab the whole monster and swing him or throw him, or you may pull off a minotaur head and get a single chance to throw it at another monster for extra damage, or you may jump on a four legged enemy like the giant rat, and get to use him as a mount for a short time!

      It’s something i’m dying to explore, but we have so much more important stuff to do before i get to really prototype that, so i just snuck in the beholder eye to see what it’s like (and because i really wanted to animate it!) 🙂

      • Complete_zero

        Well, it seems like an incredibly cool mechanic.

      • Tzitzimime

        Barney, this defeated monster as power-up mechanic sounds absolutely amazing. Please incorporate this to the best of your ability. If that beholder’s eye is any indication of the fun to be had, it will be worth the wait. Imagine your friend’s reaction to being defeated, then mounted and ridden to fight with your other friends!

        • thanks! yeah it should be fun- I really like mechanics that change your available combat moves over the course of a fight, and I love using enemies as weapons against each other so it ticks all my boxes! 🙂

  2. Hey guys ! The game looks amazing so far.

    Are you looking for a music composer at all?

    • hi David, thanks for the encouragement! Sorry to have to let you down but we do have a composer already

      I’ve been surprised to get so much interest from musicians, makes me hope I get to make something with room for a broader soundtrack some time in the future, so I get to work with more of you guys making badass retro game music!

      • It’s only half disappointing. I still get to play the game and I can’t wait for that!

        Good luck with development : )

  3. jordan

    i cant find where to get the game

    • it’s not out yet- that was just a deceptive mockup! 🙂 we’ll be launching very soon on steam tho!