Powerhoof! Eye Beast Gameplay...

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Barney’s captured some gifs of our eye beast, one of the tougher monsters you can play as!

Eye Beast Battle
Click through to see him in action…

Your primary attack is a hefty eye beam. While firing, he can strafe but can’t turn, so if you miss you’re left vulnerable.

Eye Beast Battle

All monsters in the game have a special attack that recharges over time. His special is a big chomp. It does a lot of damage, but it takes a while to charge and easy to evade. If you do chomp the hero however, they’ll become temporarily INSANE.


If you manage to take him down, there’s a chance you’ll get to snatch up the eye and use it to clear the remaining monsters from the room.

Beauty is in it

You also might have noticed that we now have smashable props, something that pretty much everyone who’s played it has asked for!