Powerhoof! Acid Knife Reveal...

Psychedelic Hellscapes Anyone?

Welp, I’ve been working like crazy to whip my little hobby project into playable shape for PAX Aus, which means I have a short demo and a video of said demo 🙂 WOO!

Just the standard stuff really… swirling shaders and undead flying centipedes…


  1. Spot specific targets on enemies, thats great, compared to mindless slashing anywhere on the target, like everyone else does.. But then again, its Powerhoof, so although its nice, its not a surprise 🙂

  2. Nice! It looks unique but familiar…wait! Your pixel art drawing a while back!

  3. guy,this game is insane,please release the new items,i loved it

  4. FriendlyShep

    That smooth spider animation is a no from me. However, the game looks amazing!

  5. Would love to see this brought to consoles. Playing this on playstation would be great.

  6. Is this your thread too: Mr. Coatrack ?


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