Powerhoof! A little art style test...

Just some pixel doodling

Just a little test for an art style I’ve been daydreaming about… I have an idea for a little combat-arena game where you can sort of do some “farming” type stuff between fights to alter what kind of stuff spawns in the arena, and you use bits and pieces you chopped off monsters during the fight to grow new things… it’s all very early but I’m having fun daydreaming about it anyway 🙂



  1. My crops will blossom and your blood will be its petals!

  2. Very cool concept

  3. Love it. Great color palette. The vibrant color highlights are a lot of fun and add a great texture and complexity to the simplicity of pixel art.

  4. That would be I game I would play! 😀

  5. Could it be local coop? And sounds great

    • Slyflare

      That would be a really cool idea. To have a co-op game where you explore and “farm” with your friends.


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