Powerhoof! Random Pixel Sketches...

Just a doodle

I’ve been getting a real hankering to draw some stuff higher resolution than Crawl’s style, and also wanting to start playing around with sketching in a stylized limited colour palette… So after work I doodled this guy 🙂


Fifty percent me just wanting to draw a cool animal skull, and fifty percent nostalgia for Wonder Boy 3!


  1. Love it. Glad to see you taking time to just do what you feel!

  2. Super rad! The skull is for sure the best part! 🙂

  3. Mrmeowr

    Teach me! I am fascinated by such works of art! I’ve always wanted to do pixel art, but no online tutorial could quite teach me… Perhaps you could help?? Also, do you know if Crawl will come out for console? Ever since I’ve watched a YouTuber play it a year ago, I’ve been waiting for it on console! I will definitely buy it for console!! Thank you!!

  4. could i use this for a game that i want to make i only need to use the skull