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PowerQuest Development

Showing off my adventure game tools

I’ve been putting together some tools for making point and click games in Unity, and wanted to share how I’ve done things and how I’d use them to make adventure games

So I’ve made a 3 part series showing it off:

It covers my history with using tools like Adventure Game Studio, and how they work, and then shows how I use the tools I’ve made in unity to set up a scene and script some dialog and puzzles.

I’m not planning on making the tools public, they’re too specific to our workflow to be generally useful without loads more work. But if you’re curious to try anyway, or have a gander at any parts of the code let me know (contact @ powerhoof.com), or feel free to tweet questions (@DuzzOnDrums) at me too .


Peridium Dev Logs

Making an adventure game in under a week

While we were working on our adventure jam 2017 game Peridium I recorded a bunch of videos to show the process. Check it out here:


Process and Playthrough from LD35

How to build a worm lord

Just a little guided tour of our process and some behind-the-scenes stuff from Maître D’ (our silly game for LD35) and then a playthough of what we ended up with.

Hopefully it’s interesting to somebody haha!


Crawl Art Process Vid 1

Pixel Art Animation Process

Here is a quick video showing a little bit of my animation process. Working on a simple attack animation for a new axe weapon I’m prototyping at the moment.

Hopefully it’s interesting for pixel artists out there 🙂


Walk Anim Process

A walk anim for this bird worm guy!


I roughed out the pelvis chest and skull each on their own layer so I can move them around independently- these won’t squash much, the squishing is mostly in the connecting tissue. I did the arms/legs/tail in the simplest possible form (a line) so its really quick and easy to redraw poses. Also with their own layer.
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doodling a combo anim

Key Poses

Initial doodle where I rough out the key poses- mostly just the anticipation and the end-position poses for each attack. The main thing for flowing combos is having the “end position” of each attack work as a good “anticipation position” to telegraph the next attack.


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PIXEL ART in photoshop

I thought it might be fun to mention some of the stuff I’ve found useful for pixel/animation work in Photoshop.

Aliased tools

First thing is obviously to turn off all the  anti aliasing.

Switch the Paintbrush for the Pencil, put the Eraser into pencil mode, and untick “anti aliasing” check boxes for the Lasso and Paintbucket.  I like to go into the settings and turn off pixel grid if it’s on- that thing makes it impossible to see!


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